Forgiveness and Blessing

We will surely sin -- but if we humbly submit ourselves to Him with a contrite heart,we will experience both forgiveness and blessing

Tame That Tongue!

If you want to live a life that is marked by His blessings - choose to open your mouth and speak love and life. I want to experience the blessed life that believers have been promised. May the Holy Spirit work in me to make it so.

We better watch out!!

We better watch out! God blessed America for many years and we are not even His chosen people! He blessed us because there was a time when we, as a nation prayed for the peace of Jerusalem; there was a time when He could see at least one righteous among us. He blessed us because in spite of our grievous sin, we had a reverence and respect for the things and people of God. But, in the words of my friend Eulalia King, "We have lost our Plum D minds!"

OK – so the guy…

OK - so the guy is gay - why all this hatoration!! Are you afraid that the gay juice will rub off on you or something. I didn't see all this uproar when Madoff ran off with people's life savings or when our own nation destroyed another nation based on false reports of weapons of … Continue reading OK – so the guy…