Life Happens

This life on this earth is temporal! Don't lose sight of that! Our home is in heaven - a place where all will be well! As for the "momentary light afflictions" you WILL face down here -- count it as joy AND count it as an opportunity for you to be His glory in this fallen world.

The Miracle Worker

Reading the book of Matthew. I got to chapter 11 and what an amazing picture of those who see God's power but still will not believe! Verse 20 says "they had seen miracles, but were not moved by them. 'Then Christ began to denounce the people in the cities in which most of His miracles … Continue reading The Miracle Worker

The Power of Testimony

Will your children and grandchildren understand why you trusted in the Lord? Will they know what He can do in their lives, because of what He did in yours?

Grace .. for His glory!

The nations live all around you - tell someone who doesn't know so that they too might believe and walk in obedient faith and abundant life!

OK – so the guy…

OK - so the guy is gay - why all this hatoration!! Are you afraid that the gay juice will rub off on you or something. I didn't see all this uproar when Madoff ran off with people's life savings or when our own nation destroyed another nation based on false reports of weapons of … Continue reading OK – so the guy…