Breathe! You’re winning!

Psalm 62-5A life of faith is a life of battles.  This is difficult line to read – but one that is so very true.  Victory is assured …  that is indeed true – but we win only in Him and we keep the advantage on the battleground only as we continually pray.

The enemy is always seeking to wreck us; to turn us on our heads; to confuse us; to make us feel like we are at a loss. But the battle belongs to Our Lord – and yes, Victory is Our Savior’s!

The lesson of the believer, one that must never be forgotten, is that we are in battle!  Somehow, it seems, we have come to believe that we can sit back and feel like royalty because we’ve already won – but this is not nearly true!  The battle will not end until He has returned!

Stand firm! Hide the Word of the Lord in your heart! Have faith and do not fear! Stand on the Rock of Our Salvation at all times!  In times of trouble, remember that God is your salvation, your strength, and your glory.  Don’t get proud when it seems you have won – NO! Remember to whom the victory belongs – He is your glory!  You are not the victor – it is the One to whom you have given your life; the One who gave the life of His Son to save you.  The hope for peace is not in any other being but Him!

The riches of God’s lovingkindness Will Not Fail!  The supply that comes from His hand Will Always Be Enough! The Prayers we bring to His throne Will Always Be Heard!

Don’t put your arms down – stay in the battle and expect to enjoy the victory with your King! He will give you rest – don’t doubt it! Breathe – Trust – Expect!

Psalm 62:5 – 6

God, the one and only—
I’ll wait as long as he says.
Everything I hope for comes from him,
so why not?
He’s solid rock under my feet,
breathing room for my soul,
An impregnable castle:
I’m set for life. 


Home Assignment Versus Furlough

This entry is intended to educate all of my loved ones about what our time in the USA will look like.  We are on Home Assignment – we are not on furlough.  A furlough is like a leave of absence and is usually granted to service personnel (i.e. Army, Navy, etc.); to prisoners; or are given as a type of temporary lay off from a job.

We are not on vacation or leave – and we have not been laid off as missionaries.  So – we are NOT on furlough.

We are on Home Assignment.  A home assignment is a normal part of our regular missionary service. The word assignment should give you a clue that we are in the USA on task. Home assignment is a time when we will:

  • Connect with supporting churches and individuals for accountability
  • Connect with prayer partners
  • Connect with potential donors to build up our support base
  • Hold fundraisers to raise capital funds for our large projects
  • Pursue development opportunities in our ministry and personally
  • Recruit workers for Ghana and for WorldVenture at large
  • Taking time for rest and restoration in order that we will be ready to return at the end of our time
  • Be involved in the local church where we will be based. (Dallas, TX)

One of the things that we will do most is TRAVEL!!  We will be based in Dallas, TX – but will be traveling as necessary to provide ministry updates to supporters and for any other special project that our church connections team deems appropriate.

A personal family task is helping Jeremy to transition back to the US as a college student AND to get some uninterrupted family time – which is nearly impossible when we are on the field.

This is our 2nd home assignment and we are looking forward to the journey and looking forward to watching God help us to achieve each of these goals so that we can return to the field in May 2014 in full physical, spiritual and financial health.