As a missionary, I have had countless people ask what it was like to have plumbing with water that ran out; to have electricity that wasn't reliable; to have friends that were an ocean away. I was asked often how Lloyd and I started in Ghana with no team, no one to talk us through, … Continue reading Enough?

Serving in Sorrow

In the midst of my own troubles I've been encouraged to lay my ministry life down. But my duty is to Him ALWAYS! I'll rest, surely I will, but I'll do it as I serve my Savior! I cannot quit!

The Same … United … One Purpose

As a follower of Christ our lives should model for the world the beauty of lives that encourage, pour out love, enjoy togetherness ad are compassionate.

Not Fully Supported?! But Of Course We ARE!

We recently received a call from our director telling us that our 97% supported number was skewed by supporters who made commitments that were not kept.   He was apologizing to us for making what was obviously a difficult call for him.  What he didn’t know was that on this side of the world we could … Continue reading Not Fully Supported?! But Of Course We ARE!