Encouraged … believing the healing is coming

When dealing with this kind of healing – a situation where my salvation in Christ and my strong dependence upon the Father and my strong listening to the Holy Spirit is real – there is just no way for me to be in fear.

My rules from the doctor in these first two weeks is quite real – I have to study regular language; I have to practice the names of my family; I have to rehearse and reintroduce the names of my friends, neighbors, and others that are in my regular community.

I’m enjoying hearing from people that love me deeply and who just want to be close and understand the journey! I haven’t been able to see everyone physically, but it has been amazing joy knowing that they’ve come by or called.

I’m enjoying the beauty of waking up each day desiring my Father; my Savior; and the Spirit that works in me in amazing ways!!!

It’s only week one – but I’ll be great! I know the survived Jan be used in amazing ways by the God who called me!

Keep praying!

Christ I have nothing but encouragement from being united with You, my Savior I have no doubt at all that Your love is comforting me. I have no doubt, that my Father is ensuring my connection with the Holy Spirit. Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit I have no doubt that depending upon you means that I will be like-minded with you, that I will be having the same love that you have placed in my heart and that I will be one in spirit and one in purpose for the sake of my belief in You!! (Philippians 2: 1–2)

Home Assignment Versus Furlough

This entry is intended to educate all of my loved ones about what our time in the USA will look like.  We are on Home Assignment – we are not on furlough.  A furlough is like a leave of absence and is usually granted to service personnel (i.e. Army, Navy, etc.); to prisoners; or are given as a type of temporary lay off from a job.

We are not on vacation or leave – and we have not been laid off as missionaries.  So – we are NOT on furlough.

We are on Home Assignment.  A home assignment is a normal part of our regular missionary service. The word assignment should give you a clue that we are in the USA on task. Home assignment is a time when we will:

  • Connect with supporting churches and individuals for accountability
  • Connect with prayer partners
  • Connect with potential donors to build up our support base
  • Hold fundraisers to raise capital funds for our large projects
  • Pursue development opportunities in our ministry and personally
  • Recruit workers for Ghana and for WorldVenture at large
  • Taking time for rest and restoration in order that we will be ready to return at the end of our time
  • Be involved in the local church where we will be based. (Dallas, TX)

One of the things that we will do most is TRAVEL!!  We will be based in Dallas, TX – but will be traveling as necessary to provide ministry updates to supporters and for any other special project that our church connections team deems appropriate.

A personal family task is helping Jeremy to transition back to the US as a college student AND to get some uninterrupted family time – which is nearly impossible when we are on the field.

This is our 2nd home assignment and we are looking forward to the journey and looking forward to watching God help us to achieve each of these goals so that we can return to the field in May 2014 in full physical, spiritual and financial health.

Complain and Compare? — or Rejoice in the Lord?

It breaks my heart as a missionary when I hear ministers of the gospel – whether pastors or missionaries or worship leaders or etc. etc. etc. – complain about the hardships that come with their ministries.  It breaks my heart because whatever God has called us to – He ALWAYS is faithful to give us the grace to endure – so rather than complain, we should rejoice that He sees in us something that makes us worthy of His calling.  We should remember that He instructed us to count it all joy – because it is temporary.  I am a woman who hates dirt, bugs, and disorder – and God sent me to a place with all of the above and I am grateful and satisfied in His place for me.  I am satisfied because I feel the Lord’s pleasure over my life and ministry.  I have no cause at all to complain.

It breaks my heart when I hear ministers of the gospel compare their work to another’s – whether they feel like their work is more or less important. Rather than comparing – we should be celebrating the victories that our co-laborers experience, and mourning with them over any defeats. When I hear from my friends in Rwanda who are training pastors; or Mozambique who are discipling leaders and providing protein with a egg farm; or in Tanzania who are building schools in villages where there are no schools; or in Senegal who train pastors and help children of the Talibe; or Cote D’Ivoire who provide medical care and Bible translation – I say Hallelujah our team of workers for the Kingdom is doing what He has called us to do.   And more than that I pray for them and when  I have resources available I support their work financially.

I guess it all boils down to where we find our contentment.  Mine is found in Him – and in Him alone!  So I choose to rejoice in my trials and rejoice in the victories of other minister’s of the gospel as well. After all — isn’t it all about Him???

Do all things without grumbling and complaining – Philippians 2:14

If anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself. But each one must examine his own work, and then he will have reason for boasting in regard to himself alone, and not in regard to another. Galatians 6:3,4