Expect Nothing – Appreciate Everything!

Many believers have relegated God to the role of "Genie". We say "God is a Healer" and say it as if our words demand that He heal; instead of saying "God is a Healer" and leaving that illness at His feet expecting only that His will be done and poising ourselves to be surprised by the extravagance of His great love. We do the same with every attribute of God - Provider, Peace Giver, Keeper, etc. What if we made the decision to expect that we can depend upon Him and decide even while waiting that whatever the outcome we will respond with profound gratefulness.

Life Happens and sometimes you step in S***!

This life on this earth is temporal! Don't lose sight of that! Our home is in heaven - a place where all will be well! As for the "momentary light afflictions" you WILL face down here -- count it as joy AND count it as an opportunity for you to be His glory in this fallen world. Know that as you face each hardship with joy - you will have more patience and endurance to face the next thing. Being used for His glory in the midst of it all is just the icing on the cake! I like icing -- the thought of being icing on His cake is an incredible gift to my heart! May the Father move me to trust Him in the midst of it all and may He bend my heart toward full joy and the hope of my eternal hope.