Resolutions for 2019 based in Memories from 2018

These lessons from 2018 are some that I learned; was reminded of; consulted others to do; or, keep on my living list. I pray that the list is a blessing to you!   Read the entire Bible through the year. There are many plans to guide you, but just walk through the Word so that you … Continue reading Resolutions for 2019 based in Memories from 2018

Hallelujah to the newborn King!!!

I woke up yesterday morning, Christmas morning, grateful!  I have to say that beyond celebrations at your house, I know my Christmas was cooler than yours because during the 2 month follow-ups last week, the surgeon and neurologist have said that I'm doing well!! AND testimony is that I have not had one seizure … Continue reading Hallelujah to the newborn King!!!

Carrying Out His Calling … No Matter What!

Howdy from France! Our first work stop was in the town of Strausbourg. It's was cold for a Texan girl (just about 50 degrees and under) but I've got a jacket. I also have an orange hat that was crocheted for me by an amazing friend of mine (thank you Wessilee!). It's been a little … Continue reading Carrying Out His Calling … No Matter What!

Walking in Faith NOT Fear!

Saturday, December 1st!! I know that is tomorrow, but I will have completed the 6 weeks that the hospital appoints me.  But today - November 30th, there's been a blessing!! Good news: Last weekend I had a fellowship the Saturday after Thanksgiving that was very encouraging to me. It was a time with our Ghanaian friends/family … Continue reading Walking in Faith NOT Fear!