Seasoned with Grace

I am so hopeful that I will never forget that my life is not about me being seen, nor is about me being right. It is not about me having freedom and liberty on this earth. My life is about the ministry of reconciliation. I've gotta live and speak what I say my heart believes! As the old folk used to say - you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!

My Broken Heart — And the Hope that I hold on to in Christ

Yes – I am affected by the tragedy! I am affected because we try to make these images trite, common – we act like its just another tragedy. There is no alleged shooter here -- there are no alleged victims; it is all crystal clear! This guy intended to do evil and he did just that. Call it mental illness; call it hate; call it demonic activity -- SEMANTICS! It is evil. It is demonic. It is sin. Yes, my heart breaks that they were murdered -- but not just because they were black and murdered -- because they were murdered at all!