Bearing Fruit? or Staying Busy?

We like to be busy.  We take pride in the fact that we are doing so many ‘meaningful’ things.  But take notice — being busy does not mean that you are getting the desired Kingdom outcome.  Unless you are leaning in to His presence, taking His direction, moving in His will — you might be doing good things; but they may not be the thing He has for you to do.  Abide!  Without His presence – you cannot accomplish His will.

Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.  John 15:4

A Little more about satisfaction

philippians-4-13God is more knowledgeable about us than we are about ourselves. He knows that the temptation to fall into line with the world’s systems are too much for us to bear alone. He does not leave us to our own devices, but will work within us to teach us to be satisfied – to give us hearts that are content.

As you start this New Year, I encourage you not to cry over the things that you did not accomplish; the stuff that you did not get; the relationship that ended; the project that you did not complete. Ask the Lord to help you to accept that all that happened in 2014 was what He had for you in 2014 — and then walk into 2015 with a new attitude that says “I am beginning again!”

Paul said that he could be content in any situation because Christ within him gave Him the strength. You have access to that same resurrection power! Ask the Holy Spirit today to teach you the way to be satisfied/content with what is over and done with and ask Him to teach you the new lessons you’ll need in the coming days to move ahead.

God’s plan for you in 2015 are perfect – tailor made for you! There is nothing that He intends for you to have that you cannot not have. There is nothing He intends for you to accomplish that you cannot accomplish. There is no good thing that He will withhold from you. What God has destined for your life is for your life.

You are a part of God’s great plan to redeem this world and reconcile it to Himself. Get in the game in 2015 – realize that there is something that God created you to do that no other person can accomplish. Know this — when you identify that purpose; you will know satisfaction in a way that you have never known it before!

Happy New Year! Be New! Be Changed! Be All HIS!!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)

It Remains to be Seen

ImageThis is the title of an old Mississippi Mass Choir song from a while back – the lyrics encourage us to remember that what God will do for a person who submits to His will remains to be seen.  Lately, I have been laying out a lot of requests before the Lord – nothing flighty or selfish – but still, there have been many things placed before the Lord.  There have been times that I was tempted to just remain a faithful Christian, but somehow get out of this missionary calling – you know – so I can get some things done!  (hope you didn’t miss that big “I” in there!)

Instead of quick answers to my requests it seems that disappointment looms for a while longer than I desire.  I need Him to move by His Spirit on my behalf today!  Doesn’t He see that!  And in response to my whining – do you know what He asks me?  He asks me, “Jan, do you love me?” and of course I say yes.  And then do you know what He says to me?  He says, “Then love me well, do what I am asking you to do and trust that I know what you need.”

So, I turn to the Bible and ask him to calm my spirit and the words that leap off of the page say that indeed no one has seen or even heard of the good things He has in store for those that love Him.  Further, I turn and find that those who love Him will walk in His way.  And I know in my heart of hearts that His way for me for this season is a life on the mission field in Ghana.  He can and will meet my need and He doesn’t need me to relocate or abandon my calling to do it.  He really does have my best interests at heart and He really does delight in meeting the needs of His obedient (though sometimes impatient) children.

I trust Him to meet my need in ways that I cannot imagine or even dream!  He will do exceeding abundantly more than I could even reason to ask!  Yes He Will – for He is not a man that He should lie to me!  He is a faithful God!

So as I lay before the Lord many needs – no folly – real need – I am learning once again today to rest because as the lyrics to the song say:

The safest place in the whole, wide world is in the will of God, trials come great and small just stay in the will of God; come what may from day to day, keep the faith and be still.

It remains to be seen what God can do for the one who submits to His will.