Serving in Sorrow

Jesus WordleThere are some things about the culture of the world that are the same across boundaries; across ethnic differences; across color lines –  and selfishness is one of those things.  99.9% of us think of ourselves first especially when we are in difficulty – we want people to see us and care for us and we want a break from giving ourselves away.  Unfortunately, that is not the way the call of God works.

Those who we are discipling need teaching and direction.  Those who are hurting need love and compassion.  Those who are lost need the path to our Lord, Christ. Those who are in despair need to be given a picture of hope.  And wouldn’t you know it! – the children of God; those redeemed by Jesus Christ; we are responsible always for giving our lives, hearts, love, compassion, truth, hope, peace, joy – to the world.  Even when we ourselves are in need!

In the last year I’ve lost both my nephew and his mother, my oldest sister.  I’ve also had some health challenges that have been both an enigma and an inconvenience.  People who love me are constantly telling me to rest; to take some time away; to take a break – and I am giving my mind and heart times of rest, but not neglecting my calling. As I read God’s Word and look at the beheading of John, I know that Jesus was retreating from danger and opposition; but in light of my recent losses, it appears to me that my Savior is also grieving the loss of His cousin and ministry forerunner.  However, even in this time of struggle and bereavement He continues in His ministry, allowing His compassion for the world to reign!

I want to be like Him! So … I too will keep going; keep pressing; keep loving; keep listening.  I do have to readjust some things – I have to travel to Africa for shorter periods; I cannot drive; I have to keep my stress down – but it doesn’t mean that I cannot show love and be a missionary right where I am.  Inviting my neighbors into my home; speaking words of grace to the cashier; showing love in ways that speak to my mother and my sister in our family’s great grief.

I cannot allow the troubles of this world or the pain that is piercing my heart to keep me from carrying out my calling.  It is my privilege and duty to be God’s love in a lost world!  I need His compassion and peace in my heart – so I’ve got to be ready to give His compassion and peace away!  Blessed in order that I might Bless others.

God Himself will strengthen me and He will also be The One those in need see!  I’m His chosen one even in my own times of trouble.  My duty is to Him – ALWAYS!

His disciples came and took away the body and buried it; and they went and reported to Jesus.  Now when Jesus heard about John, He withdrew from there in a boat to a secluded place by Himself; and when the people heard of this, they followed Him on foot from the cities. When He went ashore, He saw a large crowd, and felt compassion for them and healed their sick. Matthew 14: 12- 14

Hurricane Harvey:  Help us to Recover and Restore in Texas

21271194_912848153646_8288796328469793288_nThank you to so many of you who have sent kind words of encouragement as we recover here in Houston.  Watching the movements of people from across the nation come to the aid of Texas in the midst of this devastation has been heartwarming.  Incredible to see people show love across lines of all types.

Here are some helpful tips:

  1. $$ is the best gift because it allows organizations to purchase what they need and what people need exactly.   Our church, Crossover Bible Fellowship, has established a fund to help people affected by the storm.  You can give online at Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.  All donations to this fund will 100% exclusively support relief and recovery efforts from this hurricane and flood. All gifts are tax deductible, bank drafts and debit cards accepted.
  2. Give things that are needed. Here’s what is being taken in — in its original packaging ONLY!1. Non-perishable and/or canned food
    2. Paper towels
    3. Toilet paper
    4. Medical supplies/First Aid Kits
    5. Baby items (diapers, wipes, onesies, bottles, socks)
    6. Baby formula
    7. Cleaning products, especially bleach
    8. Cleaning tools such as brooms, mops, dust pans
    9. Trash bags
    10. Plastic bins
    11. Flash lights
    12. Rubbermaid Totes to store items
    13. Safety glasses
    14. Claw Hammers
    15. Fans
    16. Shovels
    17. Knee pads
    18. Face masks
    19. Bug Spray
    20. Gloves
    21. Deodorant (both male and female)
    22. Feminine hygiene products (tampons, pads, panty liners)
    23. Underwear (both male and female)
    24. Socks
    25. Bras
    26. Hair shampoo/conditioner
    27. Toothpaste
    28. Toothbrush
    29. Lotion
    30. Lip balm
    31. Soap
    32. Combs/Brushes
    33. Hair ties/bands
    34. Jogging pants
    35. Flip flops
    36. Body spray
    37. Personal wipes
    38. T-Shirts
    39. Blankets
    40. Towels
    41. Pillows
    42. Pillow cases
    43. Dog Food/ Cat food
    44. Pet food dishes(plastic)
    45. Hand Sanitizer
    46. Batteries(all types)
    47.Gas cans
    48. Tool Boxes
    49. Flatware(spoon/forks)
    50. Paper plates
  3. Volunteer with us by sending an email to  Our Executive Pastor will pull your email and help to direct you to the place you’ll be most helpful.

HELP TEXAS:  Go HERE to give to Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

21200702_1531911143519367_3102280901732019347_o” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Watch this video to get an encouraging word from our Pastor


I want to encourage you all to pray for others who are experiencing devastation at this same time:  fires in Los Angeles; torrential rain in northern India, southern Nepal, northern Bangladesh and southern Pakistan; bush fires in Australia, and so much more!  Many are suffering.

Pray for everyone!  Pack your backpack and go help, if you can! Give money if you are able!  Let’s show the world what the Love of Christ looks like!

Weeping for Lost Souls

hearttearsReading the account of Lazarus death and resurrection in John, I was struck by the grief of our Savior.  The onlookers remarked about his love for Lazarus.  I re-read the account and it occurred to me that because He is God – what He grieved for was probably not what we might think he  grieved for.  Yes – He loved Lazarus; but it seems unusual to me that our Lord who knew that He was going to raise Lazarus from the dead would be weeping over the loss of life; so I re-read the passage several more times and then it occurred to me that the humanity of our Christ came face to face with the reality of the wages of sin and what it means for a fallen humanity.  He was fully human – Yes! – but he was without sin!  He loved these people deeply and what was happening here brought our Lord face to face with the effects that sin would have not only on the sinner, but on those whom the sinner loves. I believe that He grieved for their sinfulness. He grieved the effects of their unbelief.  Continue reading

The Least of Them

What if we really saw themCaring? What if we chose not to look past them? What if did not criticize them in order to make our disregard of their presence okay? What if we trusted God with their motives? What if we didn’t sidestep them on the sidewalks? What if we didn’t ignore their phone calls? What if we didn’t pass on the opportunity to touch their lives? What if we chose to empathize? What if we carried their burden with them? We are in a season where seeing them is considered okay — but what if we made the choice to see them every day?  Who are they? They are the ignored, the marginalized, the forgotten, the hurting, the needy, the lost, the sick — all of those that need something from us that they can never pay back. We have been given the ministry of reconciliation — leading the lost back to a right relationship with our King. How can they hear the message of the cross when they have not seen a good picture of His love for them?

When my sons were small boys (and even today as men) they had such compassionate hearts. When Joe was 8 years old, he cried when we drove through a skid row type area in Dallas; he wanted us to bring the homeless home with us. When Jeremy was around that same age, he saw a family’s house burned to the ground on the news and felt that we should clean out our whole house and give it to them. We nurtured their compassion and we were careful to teach them that this compassion was a necessary part of the gospel message. It is not by happenstance that they both care deeply for the souls of people AND for the lives of people.

For all of us the truth is that all we have and all we are – can be credited to The One who made us; who provides for us; who has gifted us. So to complete the message of the gospel it is necessary that we not only live holy before men, but we live before them in a way that says that we love them. We are not autonomous beings, though we live like it most of the time. It is not okay for us to hand out tracts to people and then treat them like they should fend for themselves. It is our duty (and it should be our joy), as a part of the gospel message that we see them — really see them. “They” might need money; food; clothing OR they might need love, a hug, an encouraging word; prayer — but whatever the need is we should be standing at ready to give or to be a connector as we preach the salvation message of the cross.

The Body of Christ is powerful – we have within us the power to change the world; to bring life, hope and peace into the world. We should live our lives fully for Him – as a blessing to the world; as messengers of both hope and salvation – so that when the end comes we will have exhausted the resources He placed in us to be a blessing in this world. What if I was ‘they’? What if you were ‘they’? What if HE were ‘they’?

The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’ (‭Matthew‬ ‭25‬:‭40‬)