My Broken Heart — And the Hope that I hold on to in Christ

Yes – I am affected by the tragedy! I am affected because we try to make these images trite, common – we act like its just another tragedy. There is no alleged shooter here -- there are no alleged victims; it is all crystal clear! This guy intended to do evil and he did just that. Call it mental illness; call it hate; call it demonic activity -- SEMANTICS! It is evil. It is demonic. It is sin. Yes, my heart breaks that they were murdered -- but not just because they were black and murdered -- because they were murdered at all!

More than Mere Existence

God is talking to you and showing you great and mighty things; but you have taken your focus off of the blesser and become fixated on the blessings (material) and are afraid to let them go in order to run hard after what He has for you. I will not tell you that following God is easy - but I will tell you that he loves you and what He has planned for you is satisfying - completely satisfying. Don't waste time fighting His will for you -- be wise enough to trust the God in whom all wisdom dwells. He won't lead you astray!

Don’t Know Much … But Here’s What I Know

Lots of talk lately about these Preachers of LA – lots of people hate the show, lots of others think its great they these preachers have so much, lots of others think all preachers are the same, and many are not sure who are what these guys represent.  Most of the talk revolves around what … Continue reading Don’t Know Much … But Here’s What I Know