Carrie Elizabeth Merriweather served in Sierra Leone

Carrie Elizabeth Merriweather was born July 28, 1881, in Carthage, Indiana. When she was 17 years old, she moved to Ohio and attended a Bible School. Merriweather enrolled at Nyack College & Seminary (The Missionary Training Institute) in 1910. Carrie answered her call to missions upon completion of NYACK and began her ministry in Sierra … Continue reading Carrie Elizabeth Merriweather served in Sierra Leone

THIS – is Discipleship!

Lately it seems that many different people and ministries are touting themselves as the definition of discipleship – or missions – or evangelism – or whatever. Some of what is out there is very interesting and even very helpful. But much of it comes from a closed view of what the world is and who … Continue reading THIS – is Discipleship!