Being Kept! Being Healed!

OK – so this is 3 weeks and 5 days since the surgery. The end of the fourth week!

That’s my mom, 91 year old Mary Batties, in the picture with me. She had taken care of me all day and was getting ready to go home.  I have to start this telling you that I am so grateful for kind care for me! My mom and so many of my friends and my brothers and sisters in Christ! Cooking, cleaning, walking with me, putting the medicine together, and so much more! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! God has blessed me amazingly with each one of you!

Rejoicing for improvements.

I’ve started cleaning my bedroom and the kitchen. I sorted my laundry and am determined to wash it on my own this weekend.  I cooked an omelet and I made a cobbler.  I’m so very grateful for the improvement!!!

Joe has taken me walking in a couple of stores and even outside. I’m generally so tired and dizzy after what I would call a short walk; but I am so very grateful to Our God for keeping me and giving me beautiful enjoyment!  I’m grateful y’all!!!

My memory of people is improving! Hallelujah! Joe has built me a program called “Remembery” that puts pictures, names, and definitions in front of me of every person I need to know.  I am also using Facebook to be introduced to many.

I am hoping to receive permission to go to my church tomorrow. I also want to go to a friends birthday celebration Sunday afternoon – even if I can’t stay long. Y’all pray that I get permission!! 

As relates to my healing Don’t Stop Praying for me because my ability to communicate and to remember the vocabulary I normally have is not getting easier yet.  I read the Bible each and every day and I’ve started reading a book again and I’m hoping to process it well – in fact I am believing I will process it well! I trust Him! 

I trust Our God in bringing my mind and body back fully. He is faithful and He never fails His children!  Have you tried Him for your own difficulty? Have you depended upon Him in things where you might have depended upon people? God’s provision for healing is true and amazing! 

Father, You are the Living God.  There is just no other being in any place that can be looked upon to be a god – only You are the True and Living God! You are the One who brings death in your own time – surely; but You are the God who brings us to life! Father, it is true that You have allowed and even brought wounds to your people for reasons; but it is also true that only You will heal!!  I know, I believe; and I ask You to heal me! Oh, my Father – I love You!! No one can bring me from Your hand! Thank You, O Lord, for creating me – for saving me – for keeping me! (Deuteronomy 32:39)


He Is Good and so Very Miraculous

It’s Saturday!! Today it has been 2 weeks and 5 days since the surgery. Y’all I’m alive and so very grateful.

I’m feeling better, as relates to pain. I still get dizzy. I am still not quite able to use ALL of the words I once knew; I don’t remember many of them. (Pray!! I’m going to try and complete a book series that I started) I still have no feeling in one part of my scalp, but the nurses say keep washing it with the baby shampoo and it should improve. With a young lady, I took a walk for a block outside. The walk felt great but after one block I got light-headed so I’ll have to keep it short and lengthen it as I can.

My oldest son, Joseph, has been an amazing gift to me –  keeping me while Lloyd is in Africa doing our job! If you see my boy – tell him “thank you” in addition to him hearing it from me. Joe is patient, he’s loving, and he ensures that every day I have a reason to be happy! He also enjoys the mornings of my worship when I am singing some song that I remember. I am a grateful mama!

To those of you who have been so kind to me Thank You! To each one of you I want you to know that I appreciate your prayers and your kind thoughts about me. Please keep praying that at the end of 6 weeks I will remember all of you; that I will have all of the words I once knew; and, that my health will be good!

My God is the most wonderful thing to me! He is faithful and He speaks love to my heart every single day! If I can remind you of anything, I hope you see that He Is Faithful!

Oh! My wonderful Father I can only praise Your miraculous works to those older than me, to those in my same generation, and to those younger than me! I can only declare Your enormous acts to every person who will hear me speak about You! Lord I will reflect on the magnificent eminence of Your majesty and on Your delightful works. Lord, just as many shall speak of the strength of Your grand works, I will proclaim Your unlimited deeds. You, Mighty God, are miraculous, magnificent, strong, delightful and unlimited!  (Psalm 145: 4–6)

Healing … knowing Him even deeper

I had a great appointment with my surgeon this week at the end of week one. Stitches were removed. Incisions are healing though the pain is not yet gone away.

I did well with my first study of words, my doctor wants me to take the next step … feel free to send me some ideas if you’d like to.  I have remembered the names of my close family which makes me quite happy and so very grateful! I am working on remembrances of my friends, my co-workers, my family, etc. Please, please, please know that I do not know many of you by name and am not able to communicate you in a large conversation (no, I’m not answering my cell phone)!! But I do love the written responses to this because it is helping me to remember so much!

My family has enjoyed great laughter at me because I do not enjoy meals that at one time were my absolute favorite! I have fallen into deep, deep love with a salad!!  I was fed a hamburger and did not like it AT ALL!  I had a Asian seafood meal that I loved – but then had an American seafood meal that I thought was horrible. LOL!  We shall see. 

I wake up every morning longing for my time in the Word of God!  My time with Him is just so amazingly wonderful!!!  

I appreciate the prayers and concern of so many of you. God is amazing as He walks with me and I continue to be so grateful and just blows away at his faithfulness in all of this.

Lord, I am so grateful that your amazing grace has been poured out on me abundantly and connected to my faith and love that are connected to your son, Jesus – who is the Christ! You have saved me from my sinfulness and you have called me to be holy in service to You! You have given me gifts and have always allowed me to work for You as everything I do is connected to Your purpose and Your grace!

(1 Timothy 1: 9, 14)

Encouraged … believing the healing is coming

When dealing with this kind of healing – a situation where my salvation in Christ and my strong dependence upon the Father and my strong listening to the Holy Spirit is real – there is just no way for me to be in fear.

My rules from the doctor in these first two weeks is quite real – I have to study regular language; I have to practice the names of my family; I have to rehearse and reintroduce the names of my friends, neighbors, and others that are in my regular community.

I’m enjoying hearing from people that love me deeply and who just want to be close and understand the journey! I haven’t been able to see everyone physically, but it has been amazing joy knowing that they’ve come by or called.

I’m enjoying the beauty of waking up each day desiring my Father; my Savior; and the Spirit that works in me in amazing ways!!!

It’s only week one – but I’ll be great! I know the survived Jan be used in amazing ways by the God who called me!

Keep praying!

Christ I have nothing but encouragement from being united with You, my Savior I have no doubt at all that Your love is comforting me. I have no doubt, that my Father is ensuring my connection with the Holy Spirit. Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit I have no doubt that depending upon you means that I will be like-minded with you, that I will be having the same love that you have placed in my heart and that I will be one in spirit and one in purpose for the sake of my belief in You!! (Philippians 2: 1–2)

Thank all of you for love and concern for me.

The surgery has gone well.  It will take quite some time to recover well, but I am  expected to experience amazing healing!

It will be at least 6 weeks before I’m me again.  Keep on praying!

So many of you have provided kindness in visits, meals for me and the family, flowers and so much more! Thank you! WorldVenture and Crossover Bible Fellowship – your love and kindness is love that feels our hearts!  Bless you!


Grateful … Keep Praying For Me