Be United … It’s ALL About Him!

It has become a frightening thing to my heart, hearing Christ followers find ways to become divided. I've heard racial reasons, cultural reasons, political reasons, worship reasons, attire reasons, generic reasons, forgiveness reasons, holiness labels, sacrifice labels, and so on and so on and so on ... I've had the beautiful blessing of women sent … Continue reading Be United … It’s ALL About Him!

Your ‘Rep’ Cannot Deceive Him

Our Christian work can build for us quite a reputation. We will be called merciful, obedient, caring, selfless, faithful, loving ... and more! Man can place heroic labels on us based on what they see .. which is quite often only what we want, or allow them to see. But He knows the truth about … Continue reading Your ‘Rep’ Cannot Deceive Him

He Made Light … and Darkness

A common phrase among Christians is that God "allows bad things" -- storms, sudden death, etc. - but God does not "do" bad things. In the USA recently some areas that haven't ever had to endure so many rain storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc. have had serious difficulty. I've been praying for and with many … Continue reading He Made Light … and Darkness