Even Victory Requires Courage!

The Lord can speak to you in assuredness that a victory is yours but that does not ever mean that you won't have to work for it. It does not mean you won't have to even fight for it. As I look back over my own life, I can testify that where I am today as the maidservant of the Lord did not come without lots of opposition and some pretty intense fighting!!

We better watch out!!

We better watch out! God blessed America for many years and we are not even His chosen people! He blessed us because there was a time when we, as a nation prayed for the peace of Jerusalem; there was a time when He could see at least one righteous among us. He blessed us because in spite of our grievous sin, we had a reverence and respect for the things and people of God. But, in the words of my friend Eulalia King, "We have lost our Plum D minds!"

Oh, be careful little eyes what you see

Truth is that once an image is on television or in a movie, we begin to believe falsely that the image is mere entertainment. Be careful, my brothers and sisters; these images are not our reality and they are not our truth. God did not send His son to die for us and free us from the bondage of sin so that we could enslave ourselves once again to our enemy, Satan. Ensure that you are filling your mind with the Word of God and with the Truths of God and take care to call the sin you see what it is! Don't fool yourself into believing that you can watch sin filled images all of the time and not be affected by it in any way.