Sweet Smelling Savor

I was asked by a friend how joy filled I was in the life I am living. They were asking if I was content and convinced that being in a life of global missions was satisfying to my heart. They asked if having to raise support and having to adjust to many cultures were not making me want to just change my focus. Well …. The truth is, my heart is joy filled. The whole satisfaction for my mind and my heart are living a life that I know brings the God I serve; the God I adore tremendous glory and sincere thanksgiving.

Having things my own way many years ago never left me in a place of full satisfaction. I always needed just one more $1; I always needed the acceptance of just one more person; I always needed to be bowed down to; I always needed to be seen and heard; I always needed to ensure that I was completely satisfied …. and you know what?!?! I never was!!!! Pleasing my flesh led me down a road of hurt, harm, sadness, danger, weakness, fear, stupidity, dissatisfaction, ignorance, arrogance … and much more.

But once I made the decision to give myself to Him, all things changed. I remember when I felt the change come … I was blown away. I did not know what He was telling me to do, but I felt His presence and only took a step if I knew He was saying ‘take the step’. I laid my dependence on my flesh and the people around me down and gave my complete dependence to Him. The more I leaned into His Word, all that I wanted to do was please Him in all ways.

Giving myself to Him completely has been a goal of mine. I mean, I truly want to be laying my life before Him as an offering … submission, bowing before Him; gratefulness, gratitude; and, delightful – satisfactory. I want the offering of my life to Him to reflect the offering of the life of my Savior. Christ gave His life willingly. Christ gave His life with willingness to suffer. Christ gave His life in true love of God. Christ gave His spirit, soul and body to The Father. Christ gave His life in obedience to God’s command.

The amazing picture of an offering, a sacrifice, that is a sweet smelling aroma in God’s Word in a couple of spots … mind blowing for me.

Father, please help me to give myself to You as an offering that pleases you. An offering free from sin and self seeking worth. An offering that expresses my gratitude for Your love for me, Your grace towards me, Your brand new mercies that meet me every day. I want You to have all of me. I want You to use me. I want Your desires to be accomplished in my life. Every thought I have and every aim I have, take them and change them. Thank You for giving Your Son for me! I pray that my life will bring Him complete glory, complete praise and complete thanksgiving.

Lloyd and Jan Chinn; 2002 – present

Thank you for reading my blog during Black History Month as I highlighted some of my heroes. I hope that you have learned a lot and that your heart has been turned toward missions. Here’s our story ….

Lloyd and Jan Chinn are native to Texas. Lloyd from Edna, TX and Jan from Houston, TX.

In 1999, Lloyd was invited to Ghana, West Africa on a short term mission. Lloyd and Jan had never even met a missionary and had no desire to enter into missionary service; they scarcely knew where Africa was – and had never heard of Ghana. God provided the funds for the journey and they took that as confirmation that Lloyd was to go. God spoke to Lloyd clearly on that trip that Africa would be his context of ministry.  In 2000 they took all of their children and 22 other people to the same little town in Ghana – and on that trip, Jan’s experience opened her eyes to the need for discipleship in Ghana.

In 2002, Lloyd received his ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary and that same year they were appointed as long term missionaries with WorldVenture. They moved to Ghana in 2004 with their two sons and opened WorldVenture’s new field of ministry in Ghana. The Chinn’s served in the town of Nkwanta in Ghana’s Volta Region. Their ministry focus was Pastoral Leadership Development. As they became for familiar with the community, they added Orphan Care, Educational Development, Women’s Empowerment and Community Economic Development. They were blessed by The Lord to design and begin the construction of a Leadership Development Center; a Short Term Missions home; and, a Poultry Farm.

In 2013, they returned to the USA on a home assignment which was supposed to last 10 months and during this time, they were asked by the leadership of WorldVenture to take on the role – Global Director for Africa. In March 2014, they stepped in to this new role.

Lloyd and Jan are the first African Americans to serve as Global Directors for WorldVenture. The new role has added 12 additional countries to their Africa ministry life.

Lloyd and Jan are also serving MANI (the Movement for African National Initiatives) as the North America Diaspora Coordinator. They also serve at Crossover Bible Fellowship as leads of the Missions Ministry (Front Door to Frontier).

Lloyd’s firm message to the African American church has been the same from the beginning of their journey: “Pray! Pay! or Pack!”

If you want to serve long term in Africa — WorldVenture is, in our opinion, the best organization to join. Get in contact with us, we will gladly show you the way! Email us at J.Chinn@WorldVenture.com or at missions@crossoverbf.com


Evans & Jeanette Walton. Ghana. Began Serving 2016

Evans is from northern. Ghana. His mother converted from Islam when he was young, and led him to Christ. As a young teenager he was active in the Elim Christian Center in Accra Ghana. After graduating from Ghana Christian University in 2009, he entered into an internship with WorldVenture Ghana, which led him to a ministry life focused on reading the lost.  

Jeanette is from North Carolina. Jeanette had a passion for foreign missions. In 2013, she heard an invitation to serve in Ghana and she answered it; serving as an English teacher.  

Evans and Jeanette met in 2013 when Evans was in Ghana on a break from his Seminary studies while Jeanette was serving there with Lloyd and Jan’et Chinn.  Evans and Jeanette married in 2016 and are now serving as missionaries in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

Their Mission Statement: To glorify God by loving Christ, worshiping Him and seeing His kingdom come in Navrongo, Ghana through engaging the community by way of the local church, evangelizing, and holistically raising fruit bearing disciples who will do likewise and reach the unreached.

Jeanette is working at increasing educational access for children in northern Ghana so that more families can read and study the Word of God for themselves. She is drawing lost souls to the gospel through education and performance.

Evans says that, “the realization of God’s grace in my life, from being raised by a widowed single mother in a small village, to attending institutions of higher learning to teach others about the saving grace of Christ, has pushed me to give my all to Him; we are blessed, to be a blessing.” In August of 2015, Evans completed a Bachelor’s degree in theology from International Leadership University (ILU) in Nairobi,Kenya. 

Their ultimate desire is to see lives transformed by Christ in Ghana, and within the continent of Africa. They are involved in evangelism on the University of Development Studies campus, discipleship, Christian Leadership Development and Community Development. 

Join their team – in prayer, in financial support, or to serve with them: https://worldventure.com/pmissionary/4000-329-walton-evans-and-jeanette/

Carrie Elizabeth Merriweather; Sierra Leone – served 1913 – 1931

Carrie Elizabeth Merriweather was born July 28, 1881, in Carthage, Indiana. When she was 17 years old she moved to Ohio and attended a Bible School. Merriweather enrolled at Nyack College & Seminary (The Missionary Training Institute) in 1910.

Carrie answered her call to missions upon completion of NYACK and began her ministry in Sierra Leone in 1913 with the C & MA mission organization. She was the first female African-American missionary to be sent by the the C&MA. Around 1918 Carrie fell ill and had to leave Sierra Leone.

Though she left Africa, her passion was to open her home to people as much as possible to encourage them to follow the Lord despite their fear if they were being called to work in Africa.

Carrie passed away March 20, 1931.

Perhaps and Promise


Reading in 1 Samuel (1 Samuel 14:1-14) about Jonathan and his armor bearer carrying out a two-man commando raid! Crazy – right??!!

I mean they climbed up there not knowing for sure what God would do, thinking that ‘perhaps’ God might act on their behalf, believing that God just might give them a sign to indicate a victory (that an entire army could not secure) would be given to Israel through their hands. Crazy Faith – the kind of faith that sees powerful Kingdom things happen in our lives.

Jonathan’s ‘perhaps’ is not that God is able, but that God will act. This is what audacious faith looks like.

Audacious faith believes that God’s promise and His power are greater than our uncertainty/ambiguity about what is ahead of us.

We’d all love it if God allowed us to do big things for the Kingdom that required only minimal risk. It would be so very comfortable if the voice and guidance of the Holy Spirit drowned out the cacophony of voices that we have to wade through. But … truth is – ‘promise’ and ‘perhaps’ must coexist.

Audacious faith does not eliminate doubt and fear – it overshadows the power of doubt and fear one decision at a time. You will know God’s will by doing God’s will. Act on your “perhaps”, and see what God will do in your life!

“Then Jonathan said to the young man who was carrying his armor, “Come and let us cross over to the garrison of these uncircumcised; perhaps the Lord will work for us, for the Lord is not restrained to save by many or by few.” His armor bearer said to him, “Do all that is in your heart; turn yourself, and here I am with you according to your desire.” Then Jonathan said, “Behold, we will cross over to the men and reveal ourselves to them. If they say to us, ‘Wait until we come to you’; then we will stand in our place and not go up to them. But if they say, ‘Come up to us,’ then we will go up, for the Lord has given them into our hands; and this shall be the sign to us..” 1 Samuel 14: 6-10