Trust God to Meet Every Need

When Lloyd and I were first starting out in ministry, I used to tell the wives that I didn't trust my husband, but in God. This sentence worried some people since they didn't comprehend what I meant. I don't mean to imply that I expect my spouse to behave badly; rather, I recognize that my … Continue reading Trust God to Meet Every Need

Praise! Can Make Us Free!

Midnight is equaled to a time of trouble and distress. (Late in the midnight hour, etc.) In the midnight hour we picture ouselves as lonely. But what if we decided, in those moments, not to despair - but to pray and praise? Besides the obvious benefit of freeing our own minds and hearts from bondage … Continue reading Praise! Can Make Us Free!

A Lil’ Bump in the Road

Today, I went over to my house to pick up a few things that I keep forgetting that I need. Isn't that something?!?! On Tuesday, February 16th - my house was one of the houses in Humble, TX that flooded. It didn't flood in just one room, it was our entire house. It was an … Continue reading A Lil’ Bump in the Road

Unwavering Faith

Weak and wavering faith is not only found in those who are nominal believers, it is also found among people who walk with The Lord every day. Something in us naturally prevents us from believing miracles and supernatural happenings even when we sincerely believe in God! One of the reasons I have thanked God for … Continue reading Unwavering Faith

His People will Know His Name!

No matter where we, God's people, dwell on this earth -- it is not our HOME! Oppressions will come from people, governments, systems ... all without cause. Our faith in God does not make us popular - rather it brings with it the disdain of those who would rule over us. Again our hope lies … Continue reading His People will Know His Name!