What Will Your Memorial Be?

Matthew 26: 12 – 13

“Play it safe” is something we hear so often in today’s world.

No want wants to be viewed as being too outside of the box. But when we, in obedience, perform radical acts of service and worship to our Lord, we will necessarily be outside of the box. People will think we are strange, wasteful, odd, crazy — but the Almighty will be pleased and see that generations will know what we have done for Him.

How do we want to be memorialized?

In Matthew 26: 12, 13 – Christ tells his followers about the woman that put the oil on Him. He tells them that she did it to prepare him for burial when she poured this oil on His body. He tells them a substantial truth that wherever the gospel is proclaimed in the whole world, what she has done will also be told in memory of her.

An extraordinarily odd act of service to The Savior brings condemnation and misunderstanding among men, but honor and everlasting memorial before God.

Praying that we will let God remind us that the only reputation worth building, or defending, is His! Help us, Father, to pour ourselves out like the oil in a jar so that You might be worshipped – so that we may be of radical service to You! And may our desire be that You will remember us — and that You will memorialize us in You!

In His Power!

I think about Moses listening to the Israelites complain constantly. And then when I got to this verse (Numbers 11: 12) – I can just hear his heart! Asking God how he is supposed to carry out what has been given him to do! I think everyone that I know in full time ministry has been in this place. Even the most fervent and steadfast of Christians have difficulty relying on God in the face of adversity and the absence of hope. To demonstrate that God is all-knowing and all-powerful, God tells Moses: You will see whether or not my word comes to pass. If God says it, it’s done.

Sometimes, what God is asking us to do is much more than we can bear. God calls us to service, and He calls us to do and accomplish things beyond our capacity; that part is genuine, but He doesn’t ask us to do it in our own strength or wisdom. We are to rely on His capacity and not our own. He is not annoyed when we say to Him, “Lord, I am willing. Help me to accomplish it!” As for me, this was a hard lesson to learn because I was raised to accomplish things quickly and on my own. When I did not complete a task in a time frame that I considered reasonable, I felt like a failure. Finally, I had the good sense to take my ‘failure’ to the Lord. He opened my eyes to see where I had bitten off more than I could chew. He opened my eyes to see the people around me who could help me. He taught me that there were things that only He could do.

He, not I, carries the troubles of others on my shoulders, things like figuring out how to solve issues in other people’s lives, things like making everybody happy. He taught me a saner way to live and, as a result, the path toward enjoying my life. When He called me to full-time missions, I learned that He wasn’t expecting me to disciple the world in 7 days (in the manner that He created the world). I’m not God — that is quite a concept!!

So, I encourage you today to say yes to Him in all things He asks of you. Before you reach your breaking point; before you get to the part where you quit –stop and invite Him into the situation. Ask Him how to do what He has called you to do. Ask Him who will help you, who is your team. Ask Him to lay out His plan for you. You can’t do it on your own; you can’t do it your own way; you can’t do it in your own power. When you feel the stress of it all while doing what God has called you to do, give God’s will for you back to Him and let Him direct you in the way you should go. As my mom said all of the time: “He’s a Mighty Good Leader!”

He’s Been Where We’re Going!

When they landed,  they saw a fire of burning coals there with fish on it,  and some bread. Jesus said to them,  “Bring some of the fish  you have just caught.” 
John 21: 9 – 10

When the disciples arrived, the coals were already hot and the fish was already cooking. Despite the fact that the Master had fish, He invited them to contribute theirs!

Even the fact that the coals were hot gives us an indication of how long Jesus had been on shore, either watching them or at the very least listening in on their conversation. Due to my experience living in Africa, I have learned that the types of coals that were used in the Bible days times do not start easily or quickly. They are not quick lighting American charcoal briquets. To get a fire going, it takes time and perseverance. Second, there were fish on the fire, which indicated that they had been caught and cleaned. Third, there was bread to be found. For me, the indicator is that He has already been where I intend to go. He already knows the most effective way to accomplish what I am attempting to achieve. He’s keeping an eye on me and giving me instructions – if I’m paying attention.

Do you think my Spirit will be sensitive enough to feel God’s presence and hear Him guiding me from the shore as I go about the work that God has given me? Will I be conscious of the fact that He has already completed the task and is inviting me to share in the blessings that He has bestowed upon me? Will I be able to comprehend that, despite the fact that He is the Master and requires no assistance, He has assigned me a task: to assist Him in His work?


Father, let me see Jesus daily as I do the work of the Kingdom; and indeed in my everyday life. Open my eyes to hear Him speaking to me to guide me and encourage me. May my passion be ignited when I think of how my work will be added to His bounty as souls come into a saving knowledge of Christ. Make my heart to remain passionate about lost souls — and Your desire to reconcile them to You and to the Bread of Life!!

Lloyd and Jan Chinn. Missionaries across Africa. Serving Now!

Lloyd and Jan, Nkwanta Ghana (Oti Region)


Thank you for reading my blog during Black History Month as I highlighted some of my heroes. I hope that you have learned a lot and that your heart has been turned toward missions. 

If you’ve been moved to go – click here and find out how: 

Here’s our story ….

Lloyd and Jan Chinn are native to Texas. Lloyd from Edna, TX and Jan from Houston, TX.

Lloyd and Jan took short mission trips to Ghana for 4 years.

In 2002, Lloyd received his ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary and that same year they were appointed as long term missionaries with WorldVenture. They moved to Ghana in 2004 with their two sons and opened WorldVenture’s new field of ministry in Ghana. The Chinn’s served in the town of Nkwanta in Ghana’s Oti Region. Their ministry focus was Pastoral Leadership Development. As they became for familiar with the community, they added Orphan Care, Educational Development, Women’s Empowerment and Community Economic Development. They were blessed by The Lord to design and begin the construction of a Leadership Development Center; a Short Term Missions home; and, a Poultry Farm.

In 2013, they returned to the USA on furlough and were appointed as the Global Initiatives Director for Africa beginning in March 2014.

Lloyd and Jan are the first African Americans to serve as Global Directors for WorldVenture. The new role has added 13 additional countries to their Africa ministry life.

Lloyd and Jan are also serving MANI (the Movement for African National Initiatives) as the North America Diaspora Coordinator. They also serve at Crossover Bible Fellowship as leads of the Missions Ministry (Front Door to Frontier).

Lloyd’s firm message to the African American church has been the same from the beginning of their journey: “Pray! Pay! and/or Pack!”

If you want to serve long term in Africa — we invite you to join our WorldVenture Africa Family! Get in contact with us, we will gladly show you the way! Email us at J.Chinn@WorldVenture.com or at missions@crossoverbf.com

Sherry Thomas. Missionary in Liberia, Ghana, Mali & Nigeria. Serving now!

Minister Sherry Thomas is a full time missionary to West Africa.   Sherry heard the Spirit of the Lord telling her to received her to go to West Africa and teach the Bible to the Arab Muslims in their language.  And she obeyed.

Sherry served over 3 yrs. in Liberia. In Liberia taught Biology and Chemistry at the Carver Mission Academy; organized the Women’s Bible Study and a Minister’s in Training Program (First United Christ Temple Church) at the King Gray village. 

After Liberia, Sherry served 4yrs. in Ghana. In Ghana assisted in initiating and chartering Medical Mission’s aspect of Carver International Missions. She also taught Preventative and Emergency Medicine protocols to lay persons and African missionaries affiliated with Pioneers Africa Missions. While in Ghana she had the opportunity to visit and minister in the rural areas of Togo, Benin, Guinea, and Mali.  

In 2005, while on a home assignment in the USA, Sherry was diagnosed with 3rd stage breast cancer – the Lord healed her and she immediately returned to missions service in Ghana.

After Ghana, Sherry served 8 yrs. in Mali with Wycliffe Bible Translators and with SIM.

Sherry says “When “life happens” – and it did and will continue to happen, you must hold on to what God has said over your life. No matter what happens, God will see you through until what He has ordained comes to pass.”

Sherry is. now serving in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria as the Trauma Healing Coordinator for SIM Nigeria.

Sherry is a board certified licensed Surgical Pathology Assistant and is a certified Mental Health Coach in addition to being a Trauma Healing Training Facilitator.

If you want to know Sherry better, just send her an email. She’d love to hear from you. E-mail address: sherry.thomas@sim.org