What Will Your Memorial Be?

Matthew 26: 12 - 13 "Play it safe" is something we hear so often in today's world. No want wants to be viewed as being too outside of the box. But when we, in obedience, perform radical acts of service and worship to our Lord, we will necessarily be outside of the box. People will … Continue reading What Will Your Memorial Be?

Don’t Get Caught up in “Spare Rituals”

In the name of our rituals, traditions, etc.; who have we been willing to sacrifice? Y'all know what I'm talking about? The rituals and traditions of some folk: we (ladies) don't wear pantswe don't wear make-upwe don't eat shrimpwe don't clap our handswe don't dance Or what about these: we must keep silentwe must speak … Continue reading Don’t Get Caught up in “Spare Rituals”

The Power Of Love

God can and He will trade beauty for ashes -- He can and He will restore what the locusts have destroyed.

Walk With Me, Lord!

The last 12 months have been quite .... AHHHHHH!! COVID was already in motion and then my mother begins her eternal life. Many of our countries across Africa were blocking the return VISAs for our global workers because of the VIRUS. Cancer took away a dear, close friend from high school and two of our … Continue reading Walk With Me, Lord!

Is there ANYTHING??

I was recently with my two sisters. We like being together! Grateful that we are all women of God in ministry. Married to men in ministry. Anyway .... We stayed together, the three of us, in a hotel room. I was getting dressed and started putting the bathroom back together and noticed something that I … Continue reading Is there ANYTHING??