Go With Him … It’s Always the Right Way

When we are little children, right and wrong are so very simple. Just do what parents allow and abstain from what they prevent. Stop when they say stop and proceed when they approve. This is not always so simple when you grow up. There are foundational dos and don'ts out of Exodus:  no idols, no using … Continue reading Go With Him … It’s Always the Right Way

No Reason to Doubt

The promises of God may seem impossible to the human mind, but He is more than able! As a missionary wife, there have been many things that I've determined were crazy dreams in my mind... but I've seen them come to pass! The Lord placed these on my heart: having a home in the United … Continue reading No Reason to Doubt

Black/African American History Month

As a Black Woman - an African American Woman - who has served as a full time missionary for the last 19 years... I must admit the history of people like me in the work of Global Missions touches my heart in ways that other history does not! 'So go and make followers of all … Continue reading Black/African American History Month

Keep Calm and Endure

As the year draws to a close, many have had unimaginable challenges. We want 2021 to go away. Sadly, some could not wait for the new year and believed the enemy's lie that death was their only escape. It might seem rough, but I promise that God has a word that will bring life. We … Continue reading Keep Calm and Endure

Our Just Due

God blesses. He blesses because He is a good God. Christians have fallen prey to the world’s message that He blesses us because we deserve some blessing - just because He owes us something. But ... that is not the case. In fact that is a backwards statement as it relates to the Kingdom of … Continue reading Our Just Due