The Body of Christ … Who Are We?

I have given God so much thankfulness for true friends who have walked with me through difficulty. When my mother passed away and when I had brain surgery - the difficulty was much. There were friends who came to wherever I was and cooked for us; cleaned for us; gave us their time; made us … Continue reading The Body of Christ … Who Are We?

Big Kingdom Living

Jesus is, presently, seated at the right hand of the Father. He reigns today. The regime of our King is a present, proceeding, advancing reality. Because this is true - it means that as children of The Most High God we can rejoice in this truth that His vision and plan for us is in … Continue reading Big Kingdom Living

Do We Know Who We Represent?

As we journey or sojourn in the earth wearing the label "Christ follower" and declaring that we are filled with the Holy Spirit, what testimony are we leaving behind? Do people fear God's wrath because they understand the wages of sin? ... OR because we have led them to believe our God slays because He … Continue reading Do We Know Who We Represent?

Avoiding Reproach – Nearing Self Righteousness

His word and commandments and expectations are clear - but knowing we are out of compliance causes us to question - in the name of clarification. When is a fetus a person? Is there a difference between kill & murder? If I accidentally pick up the pen from someone's desk and later discover it, is … Continue reading Avoiding Reproach – Nearing Self Righteousness