Honor The Son to Honor The Father

The telling thing about pseudo-Christian religions is their view of Jesus. The acceptance of and belief in God is easy for people. Almost every person is comfortable with thoughts about and conversations about God. But when Jesus is mentioned, you will know true believers because we have no doubt that he is the Son of God! 

Acknowledging His divinity and His oneness with the Father is at the core of real Christianity. A Christ follower will always give honor to the Father and the Son. Those who deny the deity of the Son are withholding from Him His due honor-and thus are withholding from the Father his due honor. Woe to them! 

As ministers of the gospel, we must be careful not to become satisfied when someone says they believe in, or trust in, God. We have to want to ensure that this is true. I’m not talking about pushing and challenging folks, but I’m talking about having a heart that is willing to disciple and teach them toward the truth and thus toward salvation, which is true reconciliation with the Father. 

Jesus will receive equal honor, glory and praise! This is the decision that The Father made!

I am praying that the Father will give us the boldness to speak out for Christ at all times. Teach us gentleness when we recognize a person’s unbelief in order that we may guide people to the truth. May we always proclaim the Savior and give honor to Him, thereby giving glory to the Father. Forgive us, Lord, for neglecting to take opportunities to lead people to the truth!

Missing the Miracles

Legalists – those dressed in their own righteousness – are more concerned with keeping the law than relationships or encounters with the Savior. The Sabbath is to be kept holy — that is sure. But the Sovereign Lord is the maker and ruler of the Sabbath and can choose to do wonders as He will. We, too, can be preoccupied with observing our own religious laws to the point that we miss chances to see God at work. It can be any ritual at all – things like churches that refuse to hold “Sunday School” on Saturdays — or those that say we will never have evening service.

These actions are not sins, but they can quickly become what we worship — and take the Lord’s place. So much so that if the Lord works a miracle at an inopportune time for us — we will not even see it!

The religious Jews were concerned about breaking the Sabbath in this scriptural passage. They never acknowledged that a miracle had taken place.

Father – Help us not to be so caught up in our faith traditions that we forget the object of our faith! Help us to look for Your Hand doing Your work at all times — and teach us to join You in Your work. Teach us that no time is inopportune for you. You are the Lord of time, the Sabbath — the God of wonders!

Living Like an Overcomer

No matter what is happening in this broken world, I am an overcomer. So many things in the last few months have happened to make my heart heavy, sad, broken — it can be difficult to muster the strength to hold on to joy and peace. But, I have chosen to hold on to joy and peace. As believers in Christ, the adversity, grief, heartache, woe and injustice that we experience is expected. We are not citizens of this earthly realm; our home is in heaven – we are foreigners here, aliens on a journey. It would stand to reason that we will experience enmity, bigotry, bias, hate. The world will not embrace us, nor its systems treat us with fairness. Sadly, many of us, who are citizens of heaven, have forgotten our place and are treating other citizens of heaven in ways that we should not — but I digress.

As we grieve the things that happen to us on this earth, we can rejoice that we are not alone nor forsaken! We have a great High Priest who is familiar with the troubles that we face. He is limitless in His mercy and grace, and He invites us to cast our cares upon Him. We are His chosen children – He loves us and wants what is best for us. You see, the world wants us to believe that all is lost, that our case is hopeless, that the battles will never end, that we are less than worthy of a peaceful life. But God has repeatedly told us in His word that this is simply not true. We will overcome!

We can hold on to joy — because our hope does not lie in the things of this world or in the systems of this world – but in He who cannot and will not fail; in He who loves truly and perfectly; in He who is our all! Much like those three Hebrew boys who were in the burning furnace, we have to believe that there is One that sees us, hears us and will deliver us in His own perfect time. We have to choose to embrace His truth – He is our peace.

Yes, it is painful; it is unfair; it is discouraging — all of it feels so wrong; but don’t lose sight of the truth that it is not contrary to what our Lord has spoken to us. He has foretold the trials would come; but more than that, he has revealed a future victory that no world system can snatch from us. The troubles of this world can touch my flesh, and they can prick my heart, but I will not allow them to swallow my heart, and He will not let them cover my soul in darkness. I am grateful that my life is filled with friendships that include people of all races, colors, religious backgrounds. I am blessed to have good friends across the color spectrum. But even if no one down here values me, I know who made me, and I know He adores me. Man can hold me in disdain, but He is exalting me as His called out one. I am an overcomer — and I intend to live like it. Make the choice to believe His truths no matter what is happening around you, so that you can experience his peace that man cannot understand. The one who dwells within you is greater than any issue that you might face. Don’t lose heart – in the end, you will win!  Yes! In the end, He will reign!

He’s Been Where We’re Going!

When they landed,  they saw a fire of burning coals there with fish on it,  and some bread. Jesus said to them,  “Bring some of the fish  you have just caught.” 
John 21: 9 – 10

When the disciples arrived, the coals were already hot and the fish was already cooking. Despite the fact that the Master had fish, He invited them to contribute theirs!

Even the fact that the coals were hot gives us an indication of how long Jesus had been on shore, either watching them or at the very least listening in on their conversation. Due to my experience living in Africa, I have learned that the types of coals that were used in the Bible days times do not start easily or quickly. They are not quick lighting American charcoal briquets. To get a fire going, it takes time and perseverance. Second, there were fish on the fire, which indicated that they had been caught and cleaned. Third, there was bread to be found. For me, the indicator is that He has already been where I intend to go. He already knows the most effective way to accomplish what I am attempting to achieve. He’s keeping an eye on me and giving me instructions – if I’m paying attention.

Do you think my Spirit will be sensitive enough to feel God’s presence and hear Him guiding me from the shore as I go about the work that God has given me? Will I be conscious of the fact that He has already completed the task and is inviting me to share in the blessings that He has bestowed upon me? Will I be able to comprehend that, despite the fact that He is the Master and requires no assistance, He has assigned me a task: to assist Him in His work?


Father, let me see Jesus daily as I do the work of the Kingdom; and indeed in my everyday life. Open my eyes to hear Him speaking to me to guide me and encourage me. May my passion be ignited when I think of how my work will be added to His bounty as souls come into a saving knowledge of Christ. Make my heart to remain passionate about lost souls — and Your desire to reconcile them to You and to the Bread of Life!!

Weeping for Lost Souls …

John 11: 33 & 38

Reading the account of Lazarus death and resurrection in John, I was struck by the grief of our Savior.  The onlookers remarked about his love for Lazarus.  I re-read the account and it occurred to me that because He is God – what He grieved for was probably not what we might think he  grieved for.  Yes – He loved Lazarus; but it seems unusual to me that our Lord who knew that He was going to raise Lazarus from the dead would be weeping over the loss of life; so I re-read the passage several more times and then it occurred to me that the our Christ came face to face with the reality of the wages of sin and what it means for a fallen humanity. Christ was fully human – Yes! – but he was without sin!  He loved these people deeply and what was happening here brought our Lord face to face with the effects that sin would have not only on the sinner, but on those whom the sinner loves. I believe that He grieved for their sinfulness. He grieved the effects of their unbelief. 

In one breath they were pronouncing that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the Living God (v 27) and in that same breath they were expressing their lack of belief and understanding in his deity – “if You had been here, my brother would not have died – Even now I know that whatever You ask of God, God will give You.“.  And further the Jews who came to grieve saying – “Could not this man, who opened the eyes of the blind man, have kept this man also from dying?” – again missing the point that Jesus is both Resurrection and He is Life!

Our sin, our unbelief and what we will reap for sin and unbelief grieve Christ’s heart.

Christ was hurt when he saw the truth about what would happen to people if they didn’t believe in God and change their ways. Our hearts should be moved in the same way. Jesus was not just sad – He was annoyed!  As we are exposed to those who do not believe and to those that continue in sin, our hearts should be like Christ’s heart and be moved.  We need to love the world as much as Jesus loves the world.  We have to avoid our tendency to “huddle up”; and, instead, get out there and be His love to the lost; the least and the last!  It has to be our desire that all people know that they can be redeemed!  When we witness just one person walking in sin and unbelief –  it must be our desire to see the miracle of salvation and redemption take place.

We must love the world enough AND we must be bold and courageous enough to say to the lost:  Come forth!  Arise! Live!  It’s Time To Get Up!!