Lead Me, Guide Me! I Will Trust!

If you want to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord, you will have to follow his instructions, which will frequently take you to areas that are foreign, uncomfortable, dark, and lonely. Even when we are aware that God is with us, our hearts still long to know the ultimate purpose of everything … Continue reading Lead Me, Guide Me! I Will Trust!

His People will Know His Name!

No matter where we, God's people, dwell on this earth -- it is not our HOME! Oppressions will come from people, governments, systems ... all without cause. Our faith in God does not make us popular - rather it brings with it the disdain of those who would rule over us. Again our hope lies … Continue reading His People will Know His Name!

Victory Shall Be Ours!

Right now- all around us - we hear hateful words and thoughts and those words and thoughts are leading to death, destruction, terror, deception, fear and DISUNITY.  It can drive a person mad!!  But you know what?!? God is not oblivious to the plight of His people. God is not affiliated with any party or politician; … Continue reading Victory Shall Be Ours!