Build One Another Up … Don’t Tear One Another Down

In the past few months, I have had the privilege of meeting female missionaries of color in Ghana. People outside of Ghana and even outside of the United States have given my name and phone number to these sisters that I have now met. I asked these women why they called me, assuming it was … Continue reading Build One Another Up … Don’t Tear One Another Down

Unwavering Faith

Weak and wavering faith is not only found in those who are nominal believers, it is also found among people who walk with The Lord every day. Something in us naturally prevents us from believing miracles and supernatural happenings even when we sincerely believe in God! One of the reasons I have thanked God for … Continue reading Unwavering Faith

By Faith

In order to embrace a God-given future, we must trust and not waiver in our belief - despite what we see or experience. We live in an age where we want promises fullfilled now. No waiting; no delays -- we want what's coming to us NOW --- just like the prodigal son. However, we must … Continue reading By Faith