Fall from Grace

It's been quite an unexpected experience to watch the church across the globe define grace on their own and decide on their own who has fallen from God's grace. It happens very often that a church group decides that one sin is greater than another; that sin, in their opinion, is unforgivable; or that one … Continue reading Fall from Grace

Sherry Thomas serves in Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, and Mali.

Minister Sherry Thomas is a full-time missionary to West Africa.   Sherry heard the Spirit of the Lord telling her to receive her call and go to West Africa and teach the Bible to the Arab Muslims in their language.  And she obeyed. Sherry served over 3 yrs. in Liberia. In Liberia taught Biology and … Continue reading Sherry Thomas serves in Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, and Mali.

Anna E. Hall served in Liberia

Anna E. Hall was born in Georgia - on March 1st, 1870. While at Clark University, she shared her desire to work as a missionary (Clark Atlanta University). She finished her coursework at CU in 1892. She worked as the principal of Jesup School for four years after graduating. From 1899 to 1901, Anna was … Continue reading Anna E. Hall served in Liberia

Maria Fearing served in Congo

Maria Fearing was born in 1838. She was enslaved as a house servant in Alabama. In 1871, Maria completed the ninth grade, learning to read and write. at age 33. The mistress of the house where she served often told Maria stories about missionaries in Africa which left a deep impression on Fearing. She worked … Continue reading Maria Fearing served in Congo

Henry Curtis McDowell served in Angola

Henry Curtis and Bessie McDowell went to serve in Angola in 1917. They were co-founders of the Galangue Mission. The Galangue Mission was founded and staffed by African Americans in Angola. It was administered by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM). He was chosen by the Colored Congregational Churches of Raleigh, North … Continue reading Henry Curtis McDowell served in Angola