No Reason to Doubt

The promises of God may seem impossible to the human mind, but He is more than able! As a missionary wife, there have been many things that I've determined were crazy dreams in my mind... but I've seen them come to pass! The Lord placed these on my heart: having a home in the United … Continue reading No Reason to Doubt

Honor The Son to Honor The Father

The telling thing about pseudo-Christian religions is their view of Jesus. The acceptance of and belief in God is easy for people. Almost every person is comfortable with thoughts about and conversations about God. But when Jesus is mentioned, you will know true believers because we have no doubt that he is the Son of … Continue reading Honor The Son to Honor The Father

Living Like an Overcomer

Believe God's truths no matter what is happening around you so that you can experience His peace - PEACE that man cannot understand!

Betsey Stockton served in Hawaii, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Canada; 1822 – 1865

Betsey Stockton. Missionary in Hawaii, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Canada. Served 1822 - 1865

Fanny Coppin served in South Africa; 1902 – 1912.

Fanny Coppin. Missionary in South Africa. Served 1902 - 1912.