Kingdom Steadfast Boldness

I was watching one of the awards shows and it amazed me to hear a few of them who have said that they are believers in Christ say that the glory belongs to God. Well, I could start off saying that they were dressed half naked and using profanity at the same time … but let me move on. Looking at them reminded me that all of us who say we are believers in the Almighty God are surrounded in this earthly realm with many who do not really believe. Because we are in a realm where it is believed that saying “God” is powerful enough, we can be lulled into a sense of complacency. We sometimes are led to believe that all we have to do is call upon the name of Jesus, and all will be well … forgetting that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the base of all that we say that we are. Christ’s death and His resurrection is the base of Christianity; without this base our hopes are no more!

Allowing the world system to step into our minds and hearts will leave us thinking that it doesn’t matter what other people believe AND that it is not our business to ‘push Christ on them’! But if we believe, REALLY believe, that Christ is who He says He is and who God says He is; that He died and was raised to the end that our victory has been secured, then we must also know that there is no more worthy thing we can do but work fervently, passionately and full throttle for His Kingdom!

We cannot merely accept the idea of His resurrection – we have to let it become a heart belief!

If you really believe in the power of His resurrection – don’t waver; don’t be discouraged … work passionately for the Kingdom of God, Our Father!

Unless you believed in vain … be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil (labor) is not in vain in the Lord. 1 Corinthians 15:2,58

Father, please help me to go hard after the things that build Your Kingdom. Help me to love so that people are drawn to You. Help me to be bold about the ONLY truth. Help me to remember at what price You secured me for Your own purposes. And let me not be weary in well doing! Amen

Purity & Love

To be sinless is impossible for us in this human form — but we can attain to godliness, moral purity and agape love. Our allegiance to the King of Kings demands utter devotion to Him and radical love toward people. He tells us to be perfect – not in vanity; not walking in our own righteousness. He tells us as children of God, who understand our complete reliance on Him, that we should endeavor to carry about His image in a worthy manner.

Clean Hands

We have to keep our moral compass before us at all times; not straying to the right or left. We’ve got to keep Calvary before us to remind us of the extend of the love that has been shown toward us. Why? So that we will show others true love — the love of Christ.

Pure Heart

The Savior is telling us once again to imitate Him — to be like Him — to conform to His likeness. We are admonished toward purity and love. What does it look like? Keeping our word; returning good for evil; praying for all people – especially for those who do not know Him; love those who are not like us – ethnicity, political party, denomination and more; extend to others grace and mercy – as it has been extended to us … and So Much More! Our lives should be such a reflection of Him that they can see Him in us everywhere we go!

True Love

I do pray that Our Father will show us the way to godliness. We strive to get there through rules; but the truth that we know is that this is a matter of the heart. If we ask Him sincerely, He will place within us a desire to love people as He has loved us. Sinless perfection is only found in Christ! God can help us to live in perfect love in this world. He can help us to choose to keep our hands cleand and our hearts pure …. just cry out to him and He can and will truly lead and guide you.

Fear — for acceptance

We see outwardly. We judge who we believe is worthy. But, God ….

God has said that among all peoples – He will accept those who reverence and worship Him. He will accept those who are trusting Him with worshipful obedience and living upright. Those who reverence, worship, trust, obey, live righteous lives – these are acceptable and will be received by Him.

Fear of Him (Reverential Worship & True Obedience) … Is What Brings Acceptance

Those who have a reverential fear of The Lord are the ones will try always to live right. Those who are humble under His hand – who submit to what He says we should – these people are accepted into God’s kingdom.

I am praying that He will help His own children to have worshipful obedient hearts. That He will let us never take for granted our standing with Him. Though we have accepted Christ, we ought to always obey His Word and give Him worthy worship!

Be careful! You cannot – we cannot – pronounce for ourselves who is worthy … only He can do that …

Well … masa mana no. (That’s all I have to say)

Ignoring Counterfeits – Knowing Truth

Then they will call on me, but I will not answer; They will seek me diligently, but they will not find me, Because they hated knowledge And did not choose the fear of the Lord. (Proverbs 1: 28, 29)

It occurs to me as I read those words that wisdom does not hide herself, even we if have disdained her. But, once disdained, she is hard to find. When we choose foolishness, we will find ruin — and it will make it harder for us to know wisdom when. she’s standing right in front of us! We need to seek His truths and His wisdom in the method of federal counterfeit agents – they study ONLY the real thing so that they will know a fake when they see it. They never study the fake because that would put incorrect things in their minds – and their eyes.

Knowing His truths bring correction. Sometimes, rather than His truths, we want our desires … not delighting in Him and receiving within our hearts the desires we should have.

Choosing absurdity, idiocy and indiscretion makes these things familiar — and makes us liable to choose it again and again. Unless we walk away from it, we can make it impossible to ever be wise again.

Father, You have promised in Your Word that You would give wisdom freely if we ask for it. So, I ask that You will teach me Your ways, and move me to study and know Your ways, so that I will not mis-step. Father, help me to fight the attraction to study other philosophies, writers, leaders — so that I might not be lulled into a false sense of righteousness. If I know Your ways, then I’ll know You – and if I know You … I AM COMPLETE.

Beloved … let us love

Picture it!  (You who know me – know that I loved to hear Sophia on The Golden Girls start her stories with those words! ) OK …. so Picture It!! A world where every Christ follower acts in love in EVERY situation. I’m not talking about loving the ones who love us.  I’m not even talking about loving those who are not so loving but are yet dear to us (you know, those crazy family members you don’t really like!). What I am talking about is loving those who mean us harm; those who commit wrongs against us intentionally; those who purpose to bring to ruin the plans that God has for us. I’m talking about going beyond forgiveness and showing them love.

When I look at my wedding ring, I see many facets – sometimes it glistens bright white; at another angle it is a colorful prism; sometimes it looks like clear glass. My point is – no matter how I look at it or how it looks to me – it looks beautiful. Love too – in all of its facets is a beautiful thing. So then, why don’t we just try to take every experience of this day and respond to it in love. My oldest son, Joseph, signs his notes “Live In Love”, a great reminder of what our Christ’s life was like and what His example was for us.

As for me I have to ask myself daily: Can I be love in every situation? Honestly – I don’t know!  But I can certainly try.  My prayer today is that each person that I have contact with on this day (whether in person or electronically) will know that they are loved!