Black Friday

Black Friday - a day when the world runs after the best deal of the year, or so they think. Some fight and act like idiots to get that one thing they feel might complete or satisfy them. On Black Friday, the majority of people shop either to satisfy their personal material demands or to … Continue reading Black Friday

Build One Another Up … Don’t Tear One Another Down

In the past few months, I have had the privilege of meeting female missionaries of color in Ghana. People outside of Ghana and even outside of the United States have given my name and phone number to these sisters that I have now met. I asked these women why they called me, assuming it was … Continue reading Build One Another Up … Don’t Tear One Another Down

Pilgrim Traveler

As a child, my church had several choirs. The senior choir, which we called the "black robe choir," sang Black Gospel songs, the "white robe choir" sang classical Christian music, the "youth choir" sang modern songs, and the "children's choir" sang songs that were popular with kids at the time. The white robe choir was … Continue reading Pilgrim Traveler

Doing Good – Experiencing God

Life has its difficulties, and doing good can seem fruitless. These are two truths that most of us can attest to. But we have a good end in sight! I often recall memories of my mom with her grandkids. They always wanted to be at my mom's house because it meant all of them would … Continue reading Doing Good – Experiencing God

Breathe!! Victory is His – and so are you!

A life of faith is a life of battles. This is a difficult line to read - but one that is so very true. Victory is assured …  that is indeed true - but we win only in Him, and we keep the advantage on the battleground only as we continually pray. The enemy is … Continue reading Breathe!! Victory is His – and so are you!