Black Missionary History; Mark and Marchelle Slone are serving in Uganda with WorldVenture

Mark and Marchelle have been married 35 years and have 3 adult children and one grandchild. Mark had a 32-year, very successful career in Project Management/ Engineering. His profession was in the execution of capital expenditure and maintenance projects from the conception through start-up. Marchelle is a trained chef.

Mark was serving in his local church when he gave in to the desire to enter seminary to learn more. In 2009, he graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a ThM. In July 2009, Mark to his very first mission trip to Guatemala. In July 2011, Mark and Marchelle headed to Ghana on a short-term trip with others from their church to work with leadership training and women’s empowerment programs – in partnership with WorldVenture. After that trip, Mark partnered with WorldVenture again on short-term vision trips to Rwanda and Uganda to explore and serve. He took a second trip to Ghana with Marchelle, and the journey truly began after that trip. Mark professed his call to full-time mission in the fall of 2016. One year later, he expressed this call to Marchelle – and shortly after that, their pastor expressed his vision of them serving in Africa. About 2 years later – Marchelle heard God’s call clearly. Mark and Marchelle were appointed with WorldVenture in 2020 and now serve in Uganda.

Mark serves Western Uganda Baptist Theological College, and we will be doing regularly scheduled church leadership conferences. Marchelle is walking alongside women to help them understand their identity in Christ and empowering them to fulfill their ministry to their families and churches. Together, the Slones are starting marriage ministries, as the need has become very apparent.

They are the first in their families to be devoted to global missions!!

They are the 2nd full-time missionaries from the Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church (Houston, TX)!  

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  1. It’s a joy to serve with this enthusiastic, energetic couple! They just dive right into whatever the Lord puts before them.


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