Lott Carey served in Liberia

Lott Carey was born into slavery in Charles City County, Virginia. At the age of 33, Carey acquired his and his children’s independence.

Carey joined the united congregation of Richmond’s First Baptist Church in 1807! A church in which Blacks and Whites co-worshipped! In 1813, Lott’s wife passed away, but he could purchase himself and his two young children’s freedom with $850 he had accumulated. In 1815, he helped establish the Richmond African Baptist Missionary Society. Sending missionaries to Africa, the Society collaborated with the Triennial Baptist Convention and the American Colonization Society.

Carey set out with his second wife and children from Norfolk to West Africa on January 16, 1821. Shortly following his arrival in Sierra Leone, his second wife passed away. The American Colonization Society established Monrovia, Liberia, as a colony for the resettlement of free people of color and free blacks from the United States. He established the first church in the colony, the Providence Baptist Church of Monrovia, and local schools and participated in colonial administration. He served as the colony’s acting governor from August 1828 until his death in November 1828.

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