55 Saves Lives (Happy Birthday to Me!!)

It is official — I’ve been in this body for 55 years!! I’m 21 with 34 years of experience!!  I had a happy day celebrating my birthday! I appreciate all of your well wishes!! 

I remember when I first learned to drive and here, in Texas, they had signs with those words (55 Saves Lives) all over the place.  Encouraging drivers to go at a speed that would keep everyone safe and keep accidents at a minimum. The leaders put this speed limit in place because they wanted to save lives and save fuel at the same time. People hated it, because they did not like being told what to do! 

It seems that this is often still true! The focus these days seems to be on every person having their rights and privileges to be and to do whatever they feel is right to do (or, if they are honest, what they believe is most beneficial to them!).  Many people push for their freedom to do what they want – not understanding that true freedom only comes through the truth of the gospel; the power of Jesus Christ!! 

I was raised by amazing parents who, in wise ways, did not have to wring my neck to get me to obey. Yes – we were disciplined, but it was not so that we would know that they were right – but rather to help us rethink why rules and guidelines mattered. My parents used to tell me that if I stuck with what they were telling me and lived in a way that they were teaching me, that I was truly following their leadership. Meaning that all that they suggested that I could accomplish could be done.  And all that I asked of them was a possibility. They taught me that I would be freed from bondage in the world, if I chose to do things the right way, for the right reasons.  Even being taught to clean up my own room was how I learned how my own life choices would impact my sister when we shared a room. I wanted my sister, Genny, to succeed and do great, so if my being orderly helped her, I was glad to do it. Are you feeling what I’m saying? 

As a believer in Jesus Christ, what I know is that when I embrace all that I am taught from His word and follow the life guidance in His Word, then I am saying that I am following His ways.  And if I am following His ways, then I am testifying in a real way that I know the truth and I am living in true victory! I am living a life that is bound neither by evil in the world, nor by the deception of our enemy!  *I am free! Praise the Lord, I’m free! No longer bound! No more chains holding me!! (Don’t miss your shout cue!)

I truly want to spend the rest of my life offering His truth to everyone! I have a great desire that everyone in the whole world will follow Him and inherit eternal life. I want to live a life that brings light into the lives of others so that they will see anything that I accomplish as the work of His hands and not my own! I don’t want to live even one single day for the sake of my own glory, but for the glory of God.  Glory Be To The Father!!

As I start this brand new year of life – I’m asking God to help me to ensure that I am using my victory and my freedom to serve people in love because I have no doubt that this will ensure that my freedom and victory continue to grow. 

Each year is a huge blessing to me! I get so excited just to think about the fact the The Lord, Himself, created me.  I wake up on my birthday and am overjoyed that The Creator of the universe, formed me specially! (2 Corinthians 5: 17) I get excited further when I reflect on the fact that the reason I am in Christ Jesus, is not because of my ability to believe … but because of God’s power and His plan to redeem me.

Thank You, God, for allowing me to survive another year and to dwell on this earth for 55 years! Thank you for making me sure that I was to live a life of full time ministry, even when I had other plans! Thank you for my husband who has been with me for more than 1/2 of my life – and is my ministry partner and my Christian life partner. Thank You for creating me as a woman. Thank You for allowing your Holy Spirit to move in my heart and lead me to Jesus Christ. Thank You for moving my heart to submit and to serve you for the rest of my life! Lord, I’m having a Happy Birthday … because You love me; You walk with me; You talk with me; You tell me that I am Your own! Use me for the sake of Your glory! Use me to do anything – and give me the heart and mind that just says yes to you! Fill me afresh with your Holy Spirit each and every day so that I will not fall prey to anything in this world and will not become a victim of our enemy.  Thank You so much for the friendships You’ve placed in my life that have continually moved me to live for You and show Your love to all!!  I am so very grateful! Use me as a light for others and help me live so that they will see You and desire to follow You! Help me to continually care about others, over myself! Help me to touch this entire world with Your love!!

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  1. Happy, Happy Birthday, Jan! So thankful for your life and your faithfulness to God and His Word and wisdom! Love ya, Sister!

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