Afehyia Pa!!! Happy New Year!! 2023 IS HERE!!

The New Year has begun! I hope to get off to a strong start in this race and finish strong. The promise of eternal life with God made by him through Jesus Christ is the only prize in life that counts!!

Although I’m not yet what God wants me to be, I’m working hard to let Him transform me into everything I was created to be. (Philippians 3: 12 – 15) That is what my Savior expects of me. It’s the reason He adopted me! To be what He wants me to be, I want to continue pursuing daily life goals and add new ones in 2023.

The everyday life goals that I to stick to no matter what are :

  1. I committed to BELIEVE that I can accomplish the things He has asked me to undertake.
  2. Even if I don’t get any love in return, I’m still committed to LOVE.
  3. Even if a terrible thing occurs again, I promise to FORGIVE.
  4. I’m determined to repent again and again.
  5. I’ve made a commitment to daily ASK for the Holy Spirit’s fullness.
  6. Just as I plead for mercy from Him, I am resolved to EXTEND mercy to others AND I’m devoted to GRACE, and I’ll extend it to others in the same way as He does to me.
  7. I’m determined to SPREAD joy, SPEAK the truth, FORGE friendships, and LISTEN to and LEARN from the Bible.
  8. I pledge to LOVE and POUR truth into the lives of my kids and grandkids.
  9. In every location God has put me, I pledge to provide excellent service. I’ve made a promise to my lovely hubby that I will LIVE FOR, OBEY, ADORE, SERVE, ENCOURAGE, CARE FOR, and INVEST IN HIM.

10. My most important life goal of all is to SERVE, OBEY, GLORIFY, LIFT UP, REFLECT ON, PRAISE, SUBMIT TO, LISTEN TO, and CONVERSE with my God—who is also known as my Savior, King, Father, and All-In-All. I have made a firm commitment to YIELD to and fully SUBMIT to The Almighty God! Living completely for His purposes, glory, and will in order to advance His Kingdom!


  1. Racial and Ethnic Diversity; Push hard and make a true difference in the world of global missions
  2. Truly take better care of my physical body
  3. Ensure that my children and grandchildren see Christ in my actions and hear Him in my words
  4. Rest and Retreat regularly
  5. Make time and space for relationships that God brought to me in 2022
  6. Plan my husband’s birthday celebration for 2023!!
  7. Commit to my continued leadership development
  8. Lead well in every role God has placed me in; including developing leaders that are upcoming
  9. Encourage marriages; be available to listen, counsel, speak as asked
  10. Commit to building the wonderful ministry partnerships with ACF and CAPRO that God has placed before us

Happy New Year, friends and family!!!

Let’s take the next step in wonderful new ways for the sake of His glory!!

For His glory … let us ALL be willing to do anything!!!

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