This End Can Be Your Beginning!

As we come to the end of the year, there is so much to reflect on. There have been beautiful blessings in some of our lives that have helped us see that this year ended well! Our family has two new grandbabies, and we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary with great joy. We have friends who underwent difficult surgeries with complications but lived through them and saw improvement in their lives. We saw new marriages happen and new friendships develop. Wonderful memories!  But that is not the same thing for all people. 

Many have struggled through insurmountable obstacles and just want 2022 to go away. Sadly, many could not even wait for the new year to come. Losing a loved one brings heavy weight and sadness that won’t quickly disappear. Financial problems cause stress, which causes people to lose hope. Rejection in failed love relationships and friendships can make it difficult to see what joy and happiness are. And some have issues internally that no one around them knows about, and they fall victim to the deception of our adversary, Satan, believing that death is their only way out of their predicament. I can assure you that no matter what you face or what people around you face, God has the wisdom you need to endure, survive, thrive, and be VICTORIOUS!

Without His wisdom, we won’t be able to make sense of the difficulties.

His Word has such powerful promises for us. God, Himself, asks His children if they require wisdom. And He tells us to ask Him for the wisdom we need. He gets joy from sharing His wisdom with us, and He is tremendously generous to give it to us. But one very important thing is you must believe and not doubt.

We do not have within ourselves what is necessary to comprehend God’s perspective on life unless the Holy Spirit illuminates it for us. As a result, if we are put in difficult situations, our first instinct is to run away rather than to fight through them. If we take a moment to pray and ask God to help us comprehend what is going on, He will happily open our spiritual eyes and our hearts, giving us the wisdom we need to persevere through this difficult time. If we ask, He will give us wisdom when we need it.

However, there is a catch: when we ask Him for insight into His wisdom, we must be prepared to receive what He says without any doubt, without any selfish intentions, and without a mindset that is prepared to reject what He reveals. Only then will we be able to gain access to His wisdom. Sometimes God’s plan includes sickness, death, grief, and disappointment in people’s lives. (Isaiah 45:7)

Sin, lies, and suffering came into the world because people chose to disobey God. However, all of this is limited and pushed aside by God’s will and promises. To see that success is possible, we must go through hard times. We won’t ask for His help if we don’t need it, and we won’t rely on Him if we never remember that we should. When we are in trouble, we remember God’s promises and beg Him for His wisdom, deliverance, and victory. And when we experience it, we will strongly desire to tell the world the truth!

Imagine for a moment that we do not fully believe that God is faithful and all-powerful, regardless of what He reveals the purpose of His existence to be. In that event, our faith in God and dependence on the Holy Spirit will be superseded by other motivations and influences. We’re in a bad spot if we can’t accept God’s will because of our worries and fears.

He wants us to approach Him, rather than leaning on our own understanding so that our eyes may be opened! We must prioritize submitting our actions and ideas to the will of God at ALL times if we do not want the demands of life to control us. Knowing that He will give us the knowledge to see life through His eyes in His faithfulness and strength and that He is trustworthy to work all things for our good and His glory, and knowing that He will give us this knowledge in His own time and in His own way. When you think about it, you’ll realize how cool it is.

The amazing thing about it, and what makes it so wonderful for people who believe in God and believe that Jesus Christ is God’s Son, is that we KNOW everything will work out for the good of those of us who love and pay attention to him. This is the beautiful part (Romans 8:28).

Best wishes for the New Year! Endure!!

If you are reading this and are unaware of the facts, please know that I sincerely pray that you will not begin the new year in the same spot you ended the old one. I pray that you will trust Him completely and experience the kind of living that only He can give!

An Invitation to Believe in a Truth that is REAL

If you have never believed in Christ, let me just tell you for sure that you can have a beautiful life on this earth if you believe! Peace on the inside comes! Perseverance in difficulty comes! Freedom from any addiction comes! A true relationship with Almighty God comes! A life that never ends comes! If you want to receive Him, you’ve got to believe in Him.

  • We need salvation! We all have sinned and are not worthy of His presence, and that sin will send us into true death, while belief in Christ will give us eternal life! (Romans 3:23; Romans 3: 10)
  • God gives us salvation! He sent the only son He has to a place of severe discipline, and this Son – whose name is Jesus – took the hit and paid to God what our sin caused us to owe. 
  • Receive what He has given! Believe in Jesus Christ; believe in the truth that He took the hit for all of your wrongdoing to bring you into the right relationship with God. Call His name and tell Him that you believe. (Ephesians 2: 8,9; John 1:12)

If you truly believe I’m telling you that you will have peace in your heart that you cannot even explain. I’m telling you that you have now been reconciled to a good relationship with God – The Father, The Creator, The Almighty One.

If you’ve come to believe in Christ as you read these words, connect with a group of people near you who are believers, profess your belief and be taught. Find a group near so that you can truly keep your connection real. Need help finding a place to know Him better? Click here to email us, we will gladly help you.

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