Till the Soil

Contrary to what we might be led to believe, the verse is not an escape hatch for reluctant evangelists. It’s a warning that there are still people whose hearts aren’t ready. In other words, there will be those that we encounter who have no knowledge of God or Jesus or anything related to the Kingdom! In reaching these people with the truth, there may be considerable prep work.

As examples, I can personally look at Wofa Atta. Wofa Atta had to be loved, taught, and cared for for three years before he was ready to hear the truth. When he was ready, he let us know in a strong way – told us to tell him the whole story. But there was another man – who was a fetish priest that was not ready to receive The Word, and when one of our team members decided to push it on him; this team member became so ill that we had to seek serious medical care in a location where there was not even one doctor!

We must act like farmers and be willing to Till The Soil well. And then when we still come up against resistance – we are free to move on because we have carried out the mandate. To push after you have tilled the soil and it is still rocky, only puts you in danger – because they will not only reject the truth, but seek to destroy you as well.

Our desire to fight sin must be guided by wisdom, and we shouldn’t go around telling obstinate sinners what to do, giving them advice, rebuking them, or even trying to comfort them. It won’t help them, and it will only make them mad at us.

The hard hearted, those whose hearts have not been prepared to receive the gospel, will not only reject the truth, but destroy those who bring the truth.

Father, Give us the tenacity we need to TURN hard soil, to WATER it, to ADD GOOD soil — so that You may prepare hearts for the truth. Teach us when to stop! Teach us when to persevere! May we never quit because our flesh becomes weary. May we only stop when the Holy Spirit moves us to do so. Remind us that we too were once pigs and dogs, until Your Holy Spirit prepared our hearts for an encounter with the Living King!! Praise Your Holy Name!!!