Be light in the world – don’t be a showoff!

Our Savior, Jesus, modeled well what it means to be light in the world. He counseled against our putting on a show for the sake of “religion.” All that we do should be motivated by a desire to earn God’s approval rather than human acclaim. We are even warned against hypocrisy in helping people who need help for the wrong reasons! In other words, don’t do any good thing just so you feel that you’ve changed or formed people’s impression of what, or who, you are!!! These kinds of actions can sneak up on us, and we may not even see what we’ve done until it’s too late. So, Pay Attention! Don’t be a hypocrite, using the responsibility of service for your own vanity. Be a true servant, doing all good things as a servant and worshipper of the Almighty God.

Being a light in this world means that people will notice our good acts and praise the Father. However, engaging in virtuous activities in order to receive glory from man is nothing more than an attempt to keep glory for ourselves. In these cases, our motives are incorrect and we will find ourselves moving away from our goal of godliness-or perfection in Him. All glory is to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit!

Our righteous living is for the audience of ONE! For the sake of His glory!

I have a favorite preacher, that every time he teaches, he opens up with a prayer and in that prayer is only one thing that he says every time, “Hide me behind Your cross.” In other words, let them hear you and not me. As we do good things – we need to keep ourselves aware and ask Him hide us behind the cross – so that people see Him and not us.

Father, help us to live as if you are the only one watching. Our desire is to have clean hands and a pure heart. Our hope is that people will see the love of Christ in our daily lives, which will cause them to bring glory to you!

Our Call to Purity and True Love

In this human body, it is impossible for us to live without sinning. Nevertheless, godliness, moral purity, and agape love are all attainable goals for us. Our dedication to the King of Kings requires that we not only be completely devoted to Him, but also have an extreme love for other people. He instructs us to be flawless, but not in conceit or in pursuing our own sense of moral living. He is reminding us that through Him, we can be what He wants us to be. He tells us, as children of God who are aware of our total dependence on Him, that we ought to make an effort to bring around His image in a worthy manner and that we ought to do this wherever we go.

We must always keep our moral compass in front of us and not go to the right or left. We have to keep Calvary in mind to remind ourselves of how much love has been shown to us. Why? So that we can show the love of Christ to others.

The Savior is telling us once again to imitate Him—to be like Him—to conform to His likeness. We are admonished towards purity and love. What does it look like? Keeping every promise we make. Returning good for evil. Praying for all people – especially for those who do not know Him. Loving those that are Not Like Us – people from different ethnicity, people from a different political party, people from another denomination, ALL PEOPLE!). Extending to others grace and mercy, just as it has been extended to us … and So Much More!

Christians have a responsibility to pursue, aim for, and labor toward the goal of reaching completeness in grace and goodness. Our lives should be such a reflection of Him that people can see Him in us everywhere we go!

Father – Please show us the way to godliness!!

We strive to get there through rules, but the truth that we know is that this is a matter of the heart. If we ask Him sincerely, He will place within us a desire to love people as He has loved us. Sinless perfection is only found in Christ! Only God can help us to live in perfect love in this world. He can help us to choose to keep our hands clean and our hearts pure. Just cry out to him and He can – and will! – truly lead and guide you. 

Mistakes happen. But change is possible and cleansing is available through Him. He doesn’t give us any instruction at all that He, Himself, won’t help us achieve! He’s such a Good Father! Perfect in all of His ways to us. He knows just what we need and he calls us into pure love – because He will take us there! Hallelujah!