No Reason to Doubt

The promises of God may seem impossible to the human mind, but He is more than able!

As a missionary wife, there have been many things that I’ve determined were crazy dreams in my mind… but I’ve seen them come to pass! The Lord placed these on my heart: having a home in the United States; deep involvement in ministry all over Africa; sisterhood with the mother of my two son’s wives; unity and peace with my sisters… He made these my desires, yet I did not know when the hour would come. 

I had no doubt that these thing could only come If He Did Them.

Being honest, I think most of us children of God have experienced this. When we delight in His laws, He will put desires in our hearts that we should have. I believe He placed them there to remind us that He will carry out all that he has promised. His promises to his children are fulfilled as only he can! His Word reminds us that God doesn’t fail! I grew up hearing this song in churches: “He abides with me and gives us victory.” No, God Never Fails! Just keep the faith and never cease to pray…. No need to worry. No need to fear! ” There’s no reason to doubt it.

Father, I just Thank You sincerely for all that You placed in my heart and for the amazing ways you’ve brought Your promises to reality! Help me to use my testimony to encourage others to believe and never doubt. Hep me to use my testimony among the lost so that they will be found!