Missing the Miracles

Legalists - those dressed in their own righteousness - are more concerned with keeping the law than relationships or encounters with the Savior. The Sabbath is to be kept holy -- that is sure. But the Sovereign Lord is the maker and ruler of the Sabbath and can choose to do wonders as He will. … Continue reading Missing the Miracles

For Those of No (or Little) Faith

Those who believe, who accept the truth of the gospel, who are living according to all that The Lord has commanded has already been called. They are responsible to live out what they have professed to believe. On the other hand, those who are skeptical, who are not certain about the truth, who are living … Continue reading For Those of No (or Little) Faith

What Will Your Memorial Be?

Matthew 26: 12 - 13 "Play it safe" is something we hear so often in today's world. No want wants to be viewed as being too outside of the box. But when we, in obedience, perform radical acts of service and worship to our Lord, we will necessarily be outside of the box. People will … Continue reading What Will Your Memorial Be?