Missing the Miracles

Legalists – those dressed in their own righteousness – are more concerned with keeping the law than relationships or encounters with the Savior. The Sabbath is to be kept holy — that is sure. But the Sovereign Lord is the maker and ruler of the Sabbath and can choose to do wonders as He will. We, too, can be preoccupied with observing our own religious laws to the point that we miss chances to see God at work. It can be any ritual at all – things like churches that refuse to hold “Sunday School” on Saturdays — or those that say we will never have evening service.

These actions are not sins, but they can quickly become what we worship — and take the Lord’s place. So much so that if the Lord works a miracle at an inopportune time for us — we will not even see it!

The religious Jews were concerned about breaking the Sabbath in this scriptural passage. They never acknowledged that a miracle had taken place.

Father – Help us not to be so caught up in our faith traditions that we forget the object of our faith! Help us to look for Your Hand doing Your work at all times — and teach us to join You in Your work. Teach us that no time is inopportune for you. You are the Lord of time, the Sabbath — the God of wonders!

For Those of No (or Little) Faith

Those who believe, who accept the truth of the gospel, who are living according to all that The Lord has commanded has already been called. They are responsible to live out what they have professed to believe. On the other hand, those who are skeptical, who are not certain about the truth, who are living lives contrary to the Lord’s command, are the ones that The Lord desires to call.

It is to those that WE are responsible. We are responsible to present to them the truth of the gospel, to live before them in a way that highlights holiness and exudes the love of our Father. We are responsible to allowing them to recline at our table in order that they might have an encounter with The Living Christ.

The question is … Will they see Him if thy recline at our table?

We are here for them. We must be diligent in our duty to be salt and light at ALL times.

He came to bring to Himself those who did not accept religion or opposed religion or even did not believe there was a God. He did not come for only people who were living morally or who accepted the religion of the Jews. You see … the biggest of sinners can be changed and made holy by God’s mercy and grace in Christ; how will they know, if we don’t open the door? How will they listen, if we don’t speak? How will they see any difference, if we don’t let it be seen in us.

When you think of the fullness of God’s Word to us … when He tells us that we will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us so that we can preach the gospel to every nation and tell people everywhere the truth so that they can have complete healing, true peace and eternal life. Is your door open? Have they eaten at your table?

Father, I repent of the many times I’ve avoided people who are in the shadows. I ask you to help me live a life that demonstrates the hope and truth of the gospel. Give the lost a chance to sit down at my table and please, God, let your presence be seen, felt, known. Praying that many more will come to know you and that I will keep my door and my table open at all times. Open their hearts and minds to see their need, and open my heart and mind to pour the truth of you into them.

He Has Risen!

He Is Risen Indeed!

Our Savior died in our place and then rose again and that makes us children of the Most High God and what Our Father does for us cannot be undone! (John 10:28 -30)

We belong to Him forever!

When we believe in Christ, the promise that He gives us is an eternal assurance! (John 3:16). So don’t cry – remind yourself day in and day out that He Is Not Dead!!!

We will praise Him for ALL of our days. We will serve Him for ALL of our days.

He Is Risen Indeed!

Good Friday …

Easter is near!  Today — this Friday — is so GOOD!

Jesus, the Messiah –  the Son of the living God! (Matt. 16: 16-17). To see Jesus, was to see the Father  (John 14:9) – and that was, in fact, one of the reasons He came – to reveal the Father and to give us some understanding of the father!

Other beliefs have their god but their gods are buried, and we can find their bones – but not our King! If you worship something other than Jesus – your belief is worth nothing at all! 

When He arose – he took His place at the right hand of the Father, interceding for us! (Heb. 7:25; 10:12). He’s there with the Father preparing a place for all who believe on Him! (John 14:2). He left with us the Holy Spirit that teaches and guides us until He returns.  (John 14:16, 18).  

It is a beautiful thing to know that we have the Holy Spirit at the moment we accept Christ as our Savior and we are sealed until the end of time.  Our Amazing God lives and is active through His children.  And He Is Ready To Save Today!!  If you are not a believer – cry out and ask God to open you heart, your mind, your eyes. Walk in to a church and ask how it is done. Call a church and tell them you want to know Christ. Text, call or tap a friend, that you know is a Christian, on the shoulder and tell them you want to know Jesus!  Don’t wait! Do it today! Receive Christ and begin a life that has purpose and hope until the end of time!  

Easter is near! Our lives in Him mean something! We have assurance about our lives after this!

This Friday is so GOOD! Easter is near!

What Will Your Memorial Be?

Matthew 26: 12 – 13

“Play it safe” is something we hear so often in today’s world.

No want wants to be viewed as being too outside of the box. But when we, in obedience, perform radical acts of service and worship to our Lord, we will necessarily be outside of the box. People will think we are strange, wasteful, odd, crazy — but the Almighty will be pleased and see that generations will know what we have done for Him.

How do we want to be memorialized?

In Matthew 26: 12, 13 – Christ tells his followers about the woman that put the oil on Him. He tells them that she did it to prepare him for burial when she poured this oil on His body. He tells them a substantial truth that wherever the gospel is proclaimed in the whole world, what she has done will also be told in memory of her.

An extraordinarily odd act of service to The Savior brings condemnation and misunderstanding among men, but honor and everlasting memorial before God.

Praying that we will let God remind us that the only reputation worth building, or defending, is His! Help us, Father, to pour ourselves out like the oil in a jar so that You might be worshipped – so that we may be of radical service to You! And may our desire be that You will remember us — and that You will memorialize us in You!