Demons Tremble! Believers Stumble Over the Truth …

You ever just read something in scripture and it catches your mind? changes your thoughts? opens your eyes to even more of His truth? In the Gospel of Mark – Chapter 1, John the Baptist is preparing the way for Christ. He baptizes Jesus. Jesus is tempted by Satan – and is triumphant! Jesus begins His work in Galilee and chooses the 12. Jesus starts healing and delivering people – opening peoples eyes and interest in who He is.

One night Jesus and his disciples leave the synagogue and the whole gang follows James and John to Simon and Andrew’s house. Because Simon’s mother in law is unwell, Jesus cures her and she serves them nicely when they arrive. People were bringing their sick and demon-possessed loved ones to Jesus that night. You have no idea how many people wanted to share their stories. However, according to the Bible, Jesus instructed the demons to keep quiet. Think about it for a moment: Jesus was educating the twelve and everyone else about who He is. However, the demons were aware of Jesus’ identity. They were aware of it!

There is a lot to take in here. Those seeking healing hoped for a miracle when they arrived. They had no idea who Jesus was, nor did they accept His claim to be the Son of God. Because they were fallen angels, however, the demons understood the limitation of their own power and the magnitude of His.

We must always keep the Holy Spirit in the forefront of our minds as we minister. People will believe that we are acting under the authority of Christ as we walk among them. But in the spiritual sphere, we can’t play games! Some of you are going to get it in a second!

Through God, we have powerful weapons at our disposal in this battle! In other words, if we don’t actively seek to be filled, we’re just pretenders who will fall short when confronted with issues that call for spiritual solutions such as healing, discernment, or even knowledge.

Satan trembles at His presence, while mortals stumble over the fact that we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit of God. In order to defeat our adversary, we must be fueled and entirely reliant on this fuel. Without Him, we can do nothing! Without His allowance for us to speak His Word – we will be speaking our own and Oh How Powerless We Will Be! Help us Lord! Help us to just do what you call us to do and not seek that men know who we are! Help us to just do what you call us to do and understand that it is You who will make your presence known according to Your will and not our own.

The demons could identify the Christ and had to be silenced.

Father – fill us afresh with Your Holy Spirit. May the cry of our hearts be that we want more of You! May we see the enemy flee as we walk in the authority of Your name alone! May all who come in contact with us find that they see Jesus in us. May your presence in us speak for itself!

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  1. I have been dealing with this exact thing in my heart recently, so thank you for the help and encouragement.


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