He’s Been Where We’re Going!

When they landed,  they saw a fire of burning coals there with fish on it,  and some bread. Jesus said to them,  “Bring some of the fish  you have just caught.” 
John 21: 9 – 10

When the disciples arrived, the coals were already hot and the fish was already cooking. Despite the fact that the Master had fish, He invited them to contribute theirs!

Even the fact that the coals were hot gives us an indication of how long Jesus had been on shore, either watching them or at the very least listening in on their conversation. Due to my experience living in Africa, I have learned that the types of coals that were used in the Bible days times do not start easily or quickly. They are not quick lighting American charcoal briquets. To get a fire going, it takes time and perseverance. Second, there were fish on the fire, which indicated that they had been caught and cleaned. Third, there was bread to be found. For me, the indicator is that He has already been where I intend to go. He already knows the most effective way to accomplish what I am attempting to achieve. He’s keeping an eye on me and giving me instructions – if I’m paying attention.

Do you think my Spirit will be sensitive enough to feel God’s presence and hear Him guiding me from the shore as I go about the work that God has given me? Will I be conscious of the fact that He has already completed the task and is inviting me to share in the blessings that He has bestowed upon me? Will I be able to comprehend that, despite the fact that He is the Master and requires no assistance, He has assigned me a task: to assist Him in His work?


Father, let me see Jesus daily as I do the work of the Kingdom; and indeed in my everyday life. Open my eyes to hear Him speaking to me to guide me and encourage me. May my passion be ignited when I think of how my work will be added to His bounty as souls come into a saving knowledge of Christ. Make my heart to remain passionate about lost souls — and Your desire to reconcile them to You and to the Bread of Life!!