Demons Tremble! Believers Stumble Over the Truth …

You ever just read something in scripture and it catches your mind? changes your thoughts? opens your eyes to even more of His truth? In the Gospel of Mark - Chapter 1, John the Baptist is preparing the way for Christ. He baptizes Jesus. Jesus is tempted by Satan - and is triumphant! Jesus begins … Continue reading Demons Tremble! Believers Stumble Over the Truth …

In His Power!

I think about Moses listening to the Israelites complain constantly. And then when I got to this verse (Numbers 11: 12) - I can just hear his heart! Asking God how he is supposed to carry out what has been given him to do! I think everyone that I know in full time ministry has … Continue reading In His Power!

Living Like an Overcomer

Believe God's truths no matter what is happening around you so that you can experience His peace - PEACE that man cannot understand!

He’s Been Where We’re Going!

When they landed,  they saw a fire of burning coals there with fish on it,  and some bread. Jesus said to them,  “Bring some of the fish  you have just caught.” John 21: 9 – 10 When the disciples arrived, the coals were already hot and the fish was already cooking. Despite the fact that the … Continue reading He’s Been Where We’re Going!

Big Kingdom Living

Jesus is, presently, seated at the right hand of the Father. He reigns today. The regime of our King is a present, proceeding, advancing reality. Because this is true - it means that as children of The Most High God we can rejoice in this truth that His vision and plan for us is in … Continue reading Big Kingdom Living