Richard and Amanda Coleman serving now in Ethiopia

Richard’s first short-term opportunity was a 7-week trip to Uganda back in 1998. On this trip he was surprised at how God used him and had a deep sense of peace that living in Africa might be somewhere in his future. After several more trips over the next 5 years, Richard completed his MDiv at Oral Roberts University.

After graduation Richard served for three years as the missions director for New Birth Church in Atlanta GA. Richard and Amanda joined the staff of TMS Global. Amanda served TMS as the field ministries assistant and Richard served as senior director of mobilization and candidacy. He also serves on the board of Lausanne.

Richard was ordained by the Evangelical Church Alliance International in 2014.

“There are certain parts of the world where people have said, ‘We will not believe this message until we hear it from the mouths of other people of color,'” he said. “Having that same message of hope and truth coming from another person of color can be reassuring and even add credibility to our witness.”

In January 2018, Richard and Amanda, became TMS Global cross-cultural workers – serving in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, he was also recently elected to serve on the board of directors for the Lausanne Movement. Richard and Amanda are currently partnering with an Ethiopian-led ministry, lending their skills and experience to the work of equipping and mobilizing Ethiopian.

Richard also serves on the board of Lausanne.