Eternal Life, Eternal Joy …

When I was growing up a favorite hymn was “Jesus Is All The World To Me” – the line of the song that I loved most was, “Eternal life, eternal joy, He’s my Friend.” As a child, I did not really understand the deep meaning of this statement, but it made me happy to think of being with Him forever because he is a true friend. Thinking of it now is making me sing it and cry tears of joy. Interestingly, there is much that I keep hearing taught that paints people a picture of a life with Christ being the best thing to have in today’s moments. That’s true – when you’re talking about where a person’s faith should be. We need to be careful to speak the truth clearly, however, when we’re telling people what eternal life with Him looks like.

Life eternal is — knowing the Father and His son – Christ.

Our human need for more – for better – for more excellent – has distorted our view of eternal life. We have filled our minds with lesser things as we speak of eternity. Things like – robes, golden streets, mansions, reunions with those who have passed away, even heavenly banquets. Christ makes it very plain to us that eternal life is in knowing Him! Not just some casual acquaintance, but an intimacy that causes all other things that seem to make up life to pale in comparison. A ‘knowing Him’ that fills the deep recesses of our hearts and satisfies longings too deep to describe. Indeed, knowing Him is the one timeless truth.

Father — change my heart. Teach me how and what it means to be satisfied and complete in knowing You. My mind cannot conceive that nothing else is needed – so help me understand this. As I look toward life eternal – let my longing be for intimacy with You and the Christ. Prepare my heart and my mind for eternity with You!

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