Afehyia Pa!! Happy New Year!!!

It’s a New Year!  I want to keep running to the finish line.  The only life prize that matters is the one that has been promised by God, through Jesus Christ … eternal life with him.   

I’m not yet all that God wants me to be … but I’m pushing hard to let Him change me, mold me AND make me all that He’s called me to be.  It’s what my Savior wants from me. It is why He made me His own!!!  (Philippians 3: 12 – 15) So … for 2022, I want to keep moving after some things and add new things that’ll help me be what He wants me to be. 

I have some life resolutions … the things I am committed to forever! I am committed to: Believe I can do things, because He told me to do them; Love, even when the love is not returned; Forgive, even if it happens again; Repent and repent again; Ask for the filling of the Holy Spirit each and every day; Extend mercy to people, just as I beg for mercy from Him; Grace, I’ll give it to others just as He gives it to me; Share my joy; Speak truth; Build friendships; Listen and learn from the Word of God; Love and pour truth into my children and grandchildren; Serve well in every place God has sent me; Love, obey, adore, serve, encourage, care for, invest in … my wonderful gift of a husband; Serve, obey, glorify, uplift, reflect, praise, submit to, listen to, talk to  … my God, my Savior, my King, my Father, my All In All; Yield and Submit fully to The Almighty God!! Living fully for His will, His glory, His purpose … for the sake of His Kingdom!

In addition to these – here are my ten 2022 Resolutions:  

  • Diversity & Inclusivity; Understand it well and help to make necessary changes
  • Truly take care of my physical body
  • Finish well the MBA and the MS programs that I am in
  • Rest and Retreat regularly (I heard you Robin Allen!)
  • Write it down. Complete the writing project He’s given me
  • Pour in to relationships that I’ve neglected
  • Plan my 30th Anniversary celebration in the way I want it to be
  • Commit to leadership development; Lead well in every role God has placed me in
  • Encourage marriages; be available to listen, counsel, speak as asked
  • Stay committed to the global missions mobilization of African American women

Happy New Year, friends and family!!!

Let’s take the next step in wonderful new ways for the sake of His glory!!

For His glory … let us ALL be willing to do anything!!!