Weeping for Lost Souls …

John 11: 33 & 38

Reading the account of Lazarus death and resurrection in John, I was struck by the grief of our Savior.  The onlookers remarked about his love for Lazarus.  I re-read the account and it occurred to me that because He is God – what He grieved for was probably not what we might think he  grieved for.  Yes – He loved Lazarus; but it seems unusual to me that our Lord who knew that He was going to raise Lazarus from the dead would be weeping over the loss of life; so I re-read the passage several more times and then it occurred to me that the our Christ came face to face with the reality of the wages of sin and what it means for a fallen humanity. Christ was fully human – Yes! – but he was without sin!  He loved these people deeply and what was happening here brought our Lord face to face with the effects that sin would have not only on the sinner, but on those whom the sinner loves. I believe that He grieved for their sinfulness. He grieved the effects of their unbelief. 

In one breath they were pronouncing that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the Living God (v 27) and in that same breath they were expressing their lack of belief and understanding in his deity – “if You had been here, my brother would not have died – Even now I know that whatever You ask of God, God will give You.“.  And further the Jews who came to grieve saying – “Could not this man, who opened the eyes of the blind man, have kept this man also from dying?” – again missing the point that Jesus is both Resurrection and He is Life!

Our sin, our unbelief and what we will reap for sin and unbelief grieve Christ’s heart.

Christ was hurt when he saw the truth about what would happen to people if they didn’t believe in God and change their ways. Our hearts should be moved in the same way. Jesus was not just sad – He was annoyed!  As we are exposed to those who do not believe and to those that continue in sin, our hearts should be like Christ’s heart and be moved.  We need to love the world as much as Jesus loves the world.  We have to avoid our tendency to “huddle up”; and, instead, get out there and be His love to the lost; the least and the last!  It has to be our desire that all people know that they can be redeemed!  When we witness just one person walking in sin and unbelief –  it must be our desire to see the miracle of salvation and redemption take place.

We must love the world enough AND we must be bold and courageous enough to say to the lost:  Come forth!  Arise! Live!  It’s Time To Get Up!!

“I Have A Dream” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

MLK Jr. delivered the speech “I Have a Dream” during the August 28, 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, in which he advocated for civil and economic rights and an end to racial discrimination. At the height of the civil rights movement, King’s speech to more than 250,000 supporters in Washington, D.C., at the Lincoln Memorial, was a pivotal moment and one of the most famous in American history.

There are times when we just need to hear these words over and over again … reminders of what our nation can become if we allow Love to be the guide …

Eternal Life, Eternal Joy …

When I was growing up a favorite hymn was “Jesus Is All The World To Me” – the line of the song that I loved most was, “Eternal life, eternal joy, He’s my Friend.” As a child, I did not really understand the deep meaning of this statement, but it made me happy to think of being with Him forever because he is a true friend. Thinking of it now is making me sing it and cry tears of joy. Interestingly, there is much that I keep hearing taught that paints people a picture of a life with Christ being the best thing to have in today’s moments. That’s true – when you’re talking about where a person’s faith should be. We need to be careful to speak the truth clearly, however, when we’re telling people what eternal life with Him looks like.

Life eternal is — knowing the Father and His son – Christ.

Our human need for more – for better – for more excellent – has distorted our view of eternal life. We have filled our minds with lesser things as we speak of eternity. Things like – robes, golden streets, mansions, reunions with those who have passed away, even heavenly banquets. Christ makes it very plain to us that eternal life is in knowing Him! Not just some casual acquaintance, but an intimacy that causes all other things that seem to make up life to pale in comparison. A ‘knowing Him’ that fills the deep recesses of our hearts and satisfies longings too deep to describe. Indeed, knowing Him is the one timeless truth.

Father — change my heart. Teach me how and what it means to be satisfied and complete in knowing You. My mind cannot conceive that nothing else is needed – so help me understand this. As I look toward life eternal – let my longing be for intimacy with You and the Christ. Prepare my heart and my mind for eternity with You!

Divine Do Over


Bob Carlisle wrote a song back in 1996 that was made popular by Donnie McClurkin, We Fall Down.

“We fall down, we get up
We fall down, we get up
We fall down, we get up
And the saints are just the sinners
Who fall down and get up.”

The song talks about a person discovering the grace of God in His failures – realizing even people of God made mistakes and the grace of God covered them and gave them a new start. We all have different testimonies – but all of us have made our share of mistakes – we have all said and done things that we later regretted and as we take a backwards look at our lives, we know it was the grace of God that kept us. As for me – I am amazed at how the Lord has kept me in spite of me! My testimony is that I faltered, but  because of His grace – it was never fatal!

God does not delight in our mistakes but He delights in our desire  to obey Him. Even when we falter, He sees our hearts and knows whether we are truly seeking His will or seeking to satisfy ourselves. Think about it with this statement – powerful in every way …. 

  • WHEN you desire to obey Him
  • When YOU desire to obey Him
  • When you DESIRE to obey Him
  • When you desire to OBEY Him;

He will honor your obedience with His presence and power in your life!

Sometimes we step out in front of God; moving before we get his direction about something that seems urgent. What does stepping out in front of God look like?  It looks like:  getting something off our chests when we should’ve keep quiet; taking out a payday loan when we need to manage the funds we have; buying that sale item when we don’t really need to be spending; eating that last piece of pie when we know we don’t need it; getting into a relationship that we know is ungodly; compromising our morals because it seems like an easier way; etc.  When we move outside of His will, we are failing to exercise our right to rely on The One who will always guide us to the best action and decision for our lives. When we fail to follow His lead – we will miss out of His best for us.

The great thing about being a Christ follower is that because we are His chosen ones – we have access to His grace. Because we have access to His grace — we always have access to a course correction.  We might have to go back to the drawing board — but He will be there waiting to redirect us – to get us headed in the right direction.  He knew we were going to muddle things; He knew we couldn’t keep His commandments without His intervention; He knew that we would botch even His simplest commands — so, in His great love, He sent us a Savior! He gave us unlimited access to His grace!  When we mess up He has a giant eraser AND a beautiful paint canvas!  How awesome is that?!

Here’s the deal — we all make mistakes; but He, in His infinite kindness towards us, will always be willing to give us a do over. We can rest assured that as we trust in Him and seek to obey Him (seek to OBEY Him!); He will honor us with His direction and His presence in our situation. Take a step back from your situation; your temptation; your stressor — He will gladly guide you in the right way allowing you to start over because it gives Him great joy to bless your life when you are leaning on His understanding and not your own.

Our mistakes do not have to be fatal errors — we really can start over!  CTRL/ALT/DEL — reboot — start again.

The steps of a man are established by the LORD, And He delights in his way. (‭Psalms‬ ‭37‬:‭23‬)

Afehyia Pa!! Happy New Year!!!

It’s a New Year!  I want to keep running to the finish line.  The only life prize that matters is the one that has been promised by God, through Jesus Christ … eternal life with him.   

I’m not yet all that God wants me to be … but I’m pushing hard to let Him change me, mold me AND make me all that He’s called me to be.  It’s what my Savior wants from me. It is why He made me His own!!!  (Philippians 3: 12 – 15) So … for 2022, I want to keep moving after some things and add new things that’ll help me be what He wants me to be. 

I have some life resolutions … the things I am committed to forever! I am committed to: Believe I can do things, because He told me to do them; Love, even when the love is not returned; Forgive, even if it happens again; Repent and repent again; Ask for the filling of the Holy Spirit each and every day; Extend mercy to people, just as I beg for mercy from Him; Grace, I’ll give it to others just as He gives it to me; Share my joy; Speak truth; Build friendships; Listen and learn from the Word of God; Love and pour truth into my children and grandchildren; Serve well in every place God has sent me; Love, obey, adore, serve, encourage, care for, invest in … my wonderful gift of a husband; Serve, obey, glorify, uplift, reflect, praise, submit to, listen to, talk to  … my God, my Savior, my King, my Father, my All In All; Yield and Submit fully to The Almighty God!! Living fully for His will, His glory, His purpose … for the sake of His Kingdom!

In addition to these – here are my ten 2022 Resolutions:  

  • Diversity & Inclusivity; Understand it well and help to make necessary changes
  • Truly take care of my physical body
  • Finish well the MBA and the MS programs that I am in
  • Rest and Retreat regularly (I heard you Robin Allen!)
  • Write it down. Complete the writing project He’s given me
  • Pour in to relationships that I’ve neglected
  • Plan my 30th Anniversary celebration in the way I want it to be
  • Commit to leadership development; Lead well in every role God has placed me in
  • Encourage marriages; be available to listen, counsel, speak as asked
  • Stay committed to the global missions mobilization of African American women

Happy New Year, friends and family!!!

Let’s take the next step in wonderful new ways for the sake of His glory!!

For His glory … let us ALL be willing to do anything!!!