Have No Fear!

When walking according to the will of God, you become acutely aware of who is NOT on your side. They talk, sneer, point — not in the physical, but in another realm. It is so easy to become dismayed. But when you look back and ask God, “Father, remind me again why I’m here”, He will remind you that He gives His children dominion — power within to squash the works of the enemy. So … you don’t have to fear the enemy. You remember that your call is from God, Himself. That call supersedes the desires of any man. You walk and act under the authority of the King of All Kings! And finally, you remember your end — you will dwell with Him forever, and that future moves your forward — knowing that you will one day fellowship with the presence of the Lord forever!

Jesus’ confidence, the fortitudinous strength of a man who would be the redeemer of the world, lie in the fact that He knew the basis of His call – and He believed what His end would be!

Glorious God, Your calling is sure! Your name is great! Your purposes are above all! I glorify you because You alone are God and beside You is no other. Father in the place of my fears and doubts – I ask that Your Word be my constant reminder that I am called of the Ruler of the Universe. I ask that I be reminded that this calling was not my choice but your command – mine only to obey. You keep the prize ever before me to encourage my Spirit. You are everything to me – help me minister in a way that shows this to be true!