Keep Calm and Endure

As the year draws to a close, many have had unimaginable challenges. We want 2021 to go away. Sadly, some could not wait for the new year and believed the enemy’s lie that death was their only escape. It might seem rough, but I promise that God has a word that will bring life.

We won’t understand the trials apart from His wisdom. 

Apart from the Holy Spirit, we do not have within us what it takes to comprehend God’s view of life. Therefore, when we are in trials, we desire to escape and not to endure! If we would pause and ask God to help us understand, God will gladly open our spiritual eyes and our hearts so that we will have the insight to stick it out. He will give us clarity as often as we need it if we ask.

There is a catch, though: when we ask Him for insight into His wisdom, we must be ready to receive what He says without a doubt, without selfish motives, without a mindset prepared to reject what He reveals. Sickness, death, pain, disappointment are sometimes a part of God’s plan! (Isaiah 45:7)

Suppose we don’t fully believe that God is loyal and all-powerful, no matter what He reveals His purpose to be. In that case, we will be driven by something other than confidence in God and reliance on the Holy Spirit. It is a difficult position to be in if we cannot accept God’s will because of our worries and uncertainties…

He doesn’t ask us to trust Him blindly – He only asks that we come to Him (and not lean on our own understanding) for our eyes to be opened! If we do not want life’s demands to dictate our actions and thoughts, we must purpose to ALWAYS accept God’s will. Knowing that in His faithfulness and strength, He will give us the knowledge to see life through His eyes and that He is trustworthy to work all things for our benefit and His glory. Very cool when you think about it …

The beauty of it — the thing that makes it marvelous for believers in God; in believers in Jesus Christ is the fact that we KNOW that all things work together for good for those of us who have affections for him and attention from Him – Romans 8:28. So Happy New Year!!  Endure!!

If you’re reading this and do not know the truth – I do pray that you will not start a new year in the same place ….

An Invitation to Believe in a Truth that is REAL

If you have never believed in Christ, let me just tell you for sure that there’s a beautiful life that you can have on this earth if you believe! Peace on the inside comes! Perseverance in difficulty comes! Freedom from any addiction comes! A true relationship with Almighty God comes! A life that never ends comes! If you want to receive Him, you’ve got to believe in Him.

  • We need salvation! We all have sinned and are not worthy of His presence and that sin will send us into true death, while belief in Christ will give us life that is eternal!
  • God gives us salvation! He sent the only son He has to a place of severe discipline, and this Son – whose name is Jesus – took the hit and paid to God what our sin caused us to owe. 
  • Receive what He has given! Believe in Jesus Christ, believe in the truth that He took the hit for all of your wrongdoing to bring you into the right relationship with God. Call His name and tell Him that you believe. 

If you truly believe I’m telling you that you will have peace in your heart that you cannot even explain. I’m telling you that you have now been reconciled to a good relationship with God – The Father, The Creator, The Almighty One.

If you’ve come to Christ as you read these words, connect with a group of people near you who are believers, profess your belief and be taught. Find a group near so that you can truly keep your connection real. Need help finding a place to know Him better? Click here to email us, we will gladly help you.

Don’t Get Caught up in “Spare Rituals”

In the name of our rituals, traditions, etc.; who have we been willing to sacrifice?

Y’all know what I’m talking about? The rituals and traditions of some folk:

  • we (ladies) don’t wear pants
  • we don’t wear make-up
  • we don’t eat shrimp
  • we don’t clap our hands
  • we don’t dance

Or what about these:

  • we must keep silent
  • we must speak in an unknown tongue.

Do we ever just think “Hurry! Get rid of the one person that might inconvenience us so that we can return to being pious!” Of course none of these rituals and traditions are in the “Jan Chinn Book of Piety” … but …. Are you hearing my question? In the name of rituals and traditions that you value … Who Have You Been Willing To Sacrifice?

Traditions, in themselves, are not always bad. But when these traditions/rituals supercede the lives of people.. when they cause us to be blind to the truth that The Lord has charged us with… which requires loving people – we not only put their souls in danger, but we kill the message of the cross! Even something that seems so simple – like disallowing people to be touched or loved by you on what you consider your holy day …. would that be like Christ at all!?!? Luke 6: 9 is pretty clear that it would not! Nothing in our holy lives should rise above our dedication to living our life for Him! Living lives that reflect Him. Living lives that reflect The Lord.

Be careful … for The Father up above, looked down on you in love .. so you surely better do the same!

I was looking back at Christ’s crucifixion story and those Jewish leaders were not kidding at all. Speaking of the other two men on the crosses on each side of Jesus, the Jewish leaders did not want the bodies to stay on the cross on the Sabbath day. So they asked Pilate to order that the men’s legs be broken. And they asked that the bodies be taken down from the crosses. John 19:31 In other words – they wanted those men to hurry up and die so that they could carry on with their rituals … rituals that brought the Messiah no honor at all.

The Sabbath ritual was so important to the Jews that hastening someone’s death seemed necessary to them. Their ritual was more valuable to them than any life.

Father – please help us not be at that place!

I pray that God will help us to remember that His heart is for people to be reconciled to Him! Thieves and murderers; haters and liars … ALL of them have been found worthy of His love! Yes, all of us have been found worthy of His love! I am asking God to help us place people above what seems convenient for our traditions and regular practices. May legalism never become our god!

Lord – Please put Your love for this world in our hearts! Use us to open the doors for all. Remind us that You, God, were in Christ reconciling the world to Yourself, and you have given us the ministry of reconciliation!

“Without Christ it ain’t spiritual – All it is is a bunch of spare rituals.” – The Cross Movement

I Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a favorite time of year because I like to see beautiful decorations. I like to hear people talk about Christmas gifts and wonderful meals they will be attending. I love to see the beautiful decorations on homes, cars, buildings and more. I really like amazing trees and tremendous light. I like gifts in my family because nothing is expensive, but everything tells a person you are on my mind. I love our family meal because it is a time of gratefulness for all of us.  We are a Christian family and we are so very grateful for the King who was born.

It makes me smile to think of it in a Kingdom way. This is a worldwide birth party for my King even when people who don’t know Him yet light the lights, buy the gifts and have the meals for people.  You see … the enemy cannot and will not ever receive true attention; and certainly not any praise at all that belongs to The King of Kings. Everything at this time of year makes people think about the word Christmas and those first five letters enter hearts and mind and there are people come to Christ because of it each year!  The word Xmas too does not turn people away from Christ because people who don’t believe always check to see what the X really means and guess what? They are introduced to Christ too! Recently sharing, myself, that the X is from the Greek “Chi” which is the first letter of a Greek word that means Christ!

All around me the lights let who pass places know that Christmas is celebrated or respected in this place. Yes … this is Christ followers as well as those who do not follow Him. Gift wrap and inexpensive things that anyone can buy for someone else. A move that allows a person to give to anyone as an act of love and care or even just for tradition. Yes … this is Christ followers as well as those who do not follow Him. Meals where families come together similar to Thanksgiving. Meals that companies provide for employees; or even parties and celebrations. Events that make people come together thankful for relationships; thankful for family; thankful for jobs; thankful for time to just be with other people that they know. Yes … this is Christ followers as well as those who do not follow Him.

This day reminds us each year of the most amazing gift that any of us have EVER received … being harmonized with The Almighty God who created us!  Christ’s birth, His entry into flesh, was to reconcile us, in spite of our sin, with Our Father!  Thank you Jesus!!  I am overjoyed that You were Born!!

Still my favorite song at this time of year is Born To Die by Glenn Burleigh … “God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself!”

God sent his Son into the world. He did not send him to judge the world guilty, but to save the world through him. John 3:17

I am celebrating the fact that Christ came into the world! 

I’m not really interested in if this is the correct date or not — or if you want to call it Christmas or not; I am grateful that the Father sent His Son — and that His name is called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace!!  More than thankful for what His life has meant to my life! So Let’s Celebrate The SAVIOR!!!!  Hallelujah!!!!

Have No Fear!

When walking according to the will of God, you become acutely aware of who is NOT on your side. They talk, sneer, point — not in the physical, but in another realm. It is so easy to become dismayed. But when you look back and ask God, “Father, remind me again why I’m here”, He will remind you that He gives His children dominion — power within to squash the works of the enemy. So … you don’t have to fear the enemy. You remember that your call is from God, Himself. That call supersedes the desires of any man. You walk and act under the authority of the King of All Kings! And finally, you remember your end — you will dwell with Him forever, and that future moves your forward — knowing that you will one day fellowship with the presence of the Lord forever!

Jesus’ confidence, the fortitudinous strength of a man who would be the redeemer of the world, lie in the fact that He knew the basis of His call – and He believed what His end would be!

Glorious God, Your calling is sure! Your name is great! Your purposes are above all! I glorify you because You alone are God and beside You is no other. Father in the place of my fears and doubts – I ask that Your Word be my constant reminder that I am called of the Ruler of the Universe. I ask that I be reminded that this calling was not my choice but your command – mine only to obey. You keep the prize ever before me to encourage my Spirit. You are everything to me – help me minister in a way that shows this to be true!

The Power Of Love

On this the 4th Sunday of Advent – I thought it appropriate to talk about the power of love.

Life happens – and sometimes it is filled with hurt, pain, and disappointment. Broken relationships and shattered dreams can leave us full of worry, angst, and skepticism. We avoid people and situations to protect ourselves, but we are really missing out on what God has for us. If we allow our past experiences to fill us with these destructive feelings, we block our hearts from the fullness of the Holy Spirit. As believers in Christ, we are admonished/encouraged and even commanded to be filled with the Spirit daily. If we refuse to let go of the hurts of the past, we will never be able to experience the fullness of God.

We all have pasts – but the beauty of Calvary is that we get to live as new creatures whose sin has been cast into the sea of forgetfulness, as far as the east is from the west. We not only neglect the fullness of Christ in us when we hold on to our pasts — we also neglect people around us who would benefit from His love flowing through us. If you decide to forgive those in your past who have hurt you, God can, and He will trade beauty for those ashes — He can, and He will restore what the locusts have destroyed.
I have had deep hurts in my life – and they left gaping open holes in my heart. I was on my way to becoming unloving and unlovely. I didn’t want anyone to be close to me because I wanted to ensure that my heart was safe. I thank God for my dad and my beloved Lloyd because they loved me and helped me get to a place where I was willing to give God my heart. I decided to trust God with those past hurts, and I forgave every person who breached my trust. I really forgave them! I hold nothing against them and have no animosity in my heart; in fact, I pray for them to experience the blessing of God as I have.

Open your heart to receive and walk in God’s abundant and powerful love because He can, and He will turn it all around for your good and for His glory. God is love. God loves you more than you can fathom. Ask Him to help you to receive His love and then ask Him to fill you to the full with His love, leaving no room for anything else in you. He will make you complete in Him. He will plant your roots deep in His love and make you new. Let His Love Fill You! His love is genuine – unfailing – pure – absolute – powerful. Accept His love – and He will give you a brand new life.