Don’t Get Caught up in “Spare Rituals”

In the name of our rituals, traditions, etc.; who have we been willing to sacrifice? Y'all know what I'm talking about? The rituals and traditions of some folk: we (ladies) don't wear pantswe don't wear make-upwe don't eat shrimpwe don't clap our handswe don't dance Or what about these: we must keep silentwe must speak … Continue reading Don’t Get Caught up in “Spare Rituals”

I Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a favorite time of year because I like to see beautiful decorations. I like to hear people talk about Christmas gifts and wonderful meals they will be attending. I love to see the beautiful decorations on homes, cars, buildings and more. I really like amazing trees and tremendous light. I like gifts in … Continue reading I Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Have No Fear!

When walking according to the will of God, you become acutely aware of who is NOT on your side. They talk, sneer, point -- not in the physical, but in another realm. It is so easy to become dismayed. But when you look back and ask God, "Father, remind me again why I'm here", He … Continue reading Have No Fear!

Walk This Way!

One of my favorite songs ever is Make Me A Servant.  It was a staple in my solo repertoire when I was very young.  I haven't sung it in in a very long time. At a recent memorial service the eulogist was speaking about a person who was a natural servant; a willing servant; a … Continue reading Walk This Way!