Stay With Me Lord!

Because in my weakness I might fall to despair; because in my pride the enemy might lead me astray; because in my strength I might think too highly of myself ... Lord, please be every moment near me! Protection from the enemy; guidance so that I won't wander; wisdom from You for daily life; strength … Continue reading Stay With Me Lord!

Who Belongs?

Instead of rejoicing, with the desire of the lost to hear the truth, the jews despised sharing what they perceived as 'their truth' with anyone outside of their people. When we proclaim God's truth concerning salvation, it should be with the hope that people will be drawn in - desiring to know the truth. It … Continue reading Who Belongs?

The Wilderness …

The wilderness of this world. Have you ever thought about that? The wilderness of this world. In old English, the word (wildēornes) means land inhabited only by wild animals. Have you ever thought about that? I could see the world right now while I was thinking about that term. Wild animals are fully self-sufficient. They … Continue reading The Wilderness …

Walk With Me, Lord!

The last 12 months have been quite .... AHHHHHH!! COVID was already in motion and then my mother begins her eternal life. Many of our countries across Africa were blocking the return VISAs for our global workers because of the VIRUS. Cancer took away a dear, close friend from high school and two of our … Continue reading Walk With Me, Lord!