Complete in Him

I am Complete. I am Whole. I’m not Half – I am Full.I am rooted. I am grounded. I am established. I am planted. I have abundant life. I have nothing lacking. There is no need for anyone or anything to give me my identity.

If you are a Christ follower – a believer in Christ – the same is true for you!!

Whatever you are facing today is too small for you to place the whole of your identity into it. You have Christ in you! The real definition of living large! What a wonderful truth!

I’m rooted and grounded; established and planted. I live ’cause He lives and life abundantly to me, He gives! He saved me and raised me. The victory, He gave me. I am! I am – complete in Him. Yes! I am complete in Him. If any man be in Christ, the Bible says – he is a new creature; old things have passed away and everything becomes new! Due to the fact that Jesus bled and died for me, and because He shed His blood, I am a Brand New Me! That’s why I can stand before you delivered saying, “Thank you God! Thank you God, I have the victory!” I looked at my hands and they looked new. I looked down at my feet, they looked new too. I got my hands on the gospel plow, and I wouldn’t take anything for my journey now.