Get Somewhere and Sit Down!

Those words … Get Somewhere and Sit Down!! My mother said this to me quite a bit … but do you understand why!?!?

Today, we feel that we are of more value when people see us doing something that is considered … valuable. We feel that we are considered to be kinder people when we take the time to listen to everything that others say without criticism or correction.  Well, truthfully, neither of these two things make us healthier or wiser! The truth is that when we fill our days with activity after activity, there is little time left to reflect on what is most important — whatever it is that God wants us to be doing.  

I was talking to a colleague recently during a time of waiting; I asked him to pray for my patience with myself because I kept finding my mind wondering what I could be doing instead of waiting.  My colleague asked me the question, “So you want me to pray for you to wait on Yahweh?”  That question knocked the wind out of me!  He asked the question my heart needed to ponder — what was so awful about being still for a while, as my God worked out in me what needed to be worked out.

In that same vein, moving to get advice from MANY, at times that we don’t know what to do next, can be appealing to us for some reason. Do you know what I mean? I know there are many who will go and ask one person for prayer or guidance, and then go to others for, what they say, is confirmation. Well, I don’t have that problem, but I know many that do. Now hear what I’m saying: Because we don’t know the answer; when we don’t know our next step; when we’re not sure of the desired action … we keep laying out to people around us what we’re wrestling with hoping that one of them will surely give us the answer we want to hear. Notice, I didn’t say the right answer – I said the answer we want to hear!

My friends, I want to encourage you when you are in a time of waiting, just wait!  It may be that you become ill; that you are unemployed;  that a relationship gets in a funky spot; financial need … many issues – but when you don’t have answers to your next move – be quiet and listen!  Do not ever give yourself over to your own personal desires and visions – you talking about it too much will put ideas in your head that should not be there and will invite counsel from people who, quite frankly, cannot even manage their own affairs.

Truthfully, when I was in this waiting period, I just knew what needed to happen to get the ball rolling! LOL! Y’all I just knew it because of what I thought was right … not what God was leading me to see or do … just what I felt needed to happen to get the ball rolling. My colleague’s words were powerful and my mama told me to just “get somewhere and sit down” until I had all the answers I needed – the answers from The One.  I will testify to you that she was right!

A dream comes when there are many cares, and many words mark the speech of a fool. Ecclesiastes 5:3

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  1. Yes, and Amen! How true! Mama told you that, too?! LOL I see now! We were, definitely on the same page, my sweet Sister! Love you much! – JOY 🙂


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