Complete in Him

I am Complete. I am Whole. I’m not Half – I am Full.I am rooted. I am grounded. I am established. I am planted. I have abundant life. I have nothing lacking. There is no need for anyone or anything to give me my identity.

If you are a Christ follower – a believer in Christ – the same is true for you!!

Whatever you are facing today is too small for you to place the whole of your identity into it. You have Christ in you! The real definition of living large! What a wonderful truth!

I’m rooted and grounded; established and planted. I live ’cause He lives and life abundantly to me, He gives! He saved me and raised me. The victory, He gave me. I am! I am – complete in Him. Yes! I am complete in Him. If any man be in Christ, the Bible says – he is a new creature; old things have passed away and everything becomes new! Due to the fact that Jesus bled and died for me, and because He shed His blood, I am a Brand New Me! That’s why I can stand before you delivered saying, “Thank you God! Thank you God, I have the victory!” I looked at my hands and they looked new. I looked down at my feet, they looked new too. I got my hands on the gospel plow, and I wouldn’t take anything for my journey now.

The Devil didn’t make you do it … and neither did God!

I’m a mom.  Not just of my own children, but of their friends; of young people that I meet; of the children of my friends; of believers who are younger in the faith then I.  Being a mom means that I get to see people make lots of mistakes or fall into sin. God has blessed me with a great ability to make people feel at ease confessing and then helping them find their way back to the right path.  It is disturbing to me, however, when people imply that God allowed them to fall into their particular sin – whatever it may be.

When I recall my own life – the days before I was fully committed to The Lord; what I can say on no uncertain terms is that what I got caught up in were the things that felt good to me; or that were interesting or appealing to me.  My flesh had desires that were outside of God’s will for me and when I had an opportunity, I sometimes got wrapped up in something that I should not have been in.  The enemy did not have to push me into it and God didn’t have to open me up to temptation; I did what I did because I wanted to! AND, my friend, so do you.

He is a GOOD FATHER.  He wouldn’t allow the enemy to walk into our lives to make us fall – No!  But like any father, he will allow us to experience temptation (like allowing us to drive alone for the first time; or go out on a first date) so that we can learn to make good moral choices.  When we take a situation and make it a sin – it is our own sinful desires that overtake us.

How do we escape?  Call on Him to help us.  He is able and willing to help each of us be victorious over temptations.  According to the His Word, He can allow us to be tempted – but He doesn’t tempt us. He can’t make us fall to evil because He cannot move positively toward sin/evil.  Being His children we have the beautiful benefit of calling on Him – Our Father – to stand with us, and to stand within us, and keep us from falling.  He delights in helping us to stand!

Get Somewhere and Sit Down!

Those words … Get Somewhere and Sit Down!! My mother said this to me quite a bit … but do you understand why!?!?

Today, we feel that we are of more value when people see us doing something that is considered … valuable. We feel that we are considered to be kinder people when we take the time to listen to everything that others say without criticism or correction.  Well, truthfully, neither of these two things make us healthier or wiser! The truth is that when we fill our days with activity after activity, there is little time left to reflect on what is most important — whatever it is that God wants us to be doing.  

I was talking to a colleague recently during a time of waiting; I asked him to pray for my patience with myself because I kept finding my mind wondering what I could be doing instead of waiting.  My colleague asked me the question, “So you want me to pray for you to wait on Yahweh?”  That question knocked the wind out of me!  He asked the question my heart needed to ponder — what was so awful about being still for a while, as my God worked out in me what needed to be worked out.

In that same vein, moving to get advice from MANY, at times that we don’t know what to do next, can be appealing to us for some reason. Do you know what I mean? I know there are many who will go and ask one person for prayer or guidance, and then go to others for, what they say, is confirmation. Well, I don’t have that problem, but I know many that do. Now hear what I’m saying: Because we don’t know the answer; when we don’t know our next step; when we’re not sure of the desired action … we keep laying out to people around us what we’re wrestling with hoping that one of them will surely give us the answer we want to hear. Notice, I didn’t say the right answer – I said the answer we want to hear!

My friends, I want to encourage you when you are in a time of waiting, just wait!  It may be that you become ill; that you are unemployed;  that a relationship gets in a funky spot; financial need … many issues – but when you don’t have answers to your next move – be quiet and listen!  Do not ever give yourself over to your own personal desires and visions – you talking about it too much will put ideas in your head that should not be there and will invite counsel from people who, quite frankly, cannot even manage their own affairs.

Truthfully, when I was in this waiting period, I just knew what needed to happen to get the ball rolling! LOL! Y’all I just knew it because of what I thought was right … not what God was leading me to see or do … just what I felt needed to happen to get the ball rolling. My colleague’s words were powerful and my mama told me to just “get somewhere and sit down” until I had all the answers I needed – the answers from The One.  I will testify to you that she was right!

A dream comes when there are many cares, and many words mark the speech of a fool. Ecclesiastes 5:3

A Lil’ Bump in the Road

Today, I went over to my house to pick up a few things that I keep forgetting that I need. Isn’t that something?!?!

On Tuesday, February 16th – my house was one of the houses in Humble, TX that flooded. It didn’t flood in just one room, it was our entire house. It was an interesting moment because the ice storm had taken our lights and water – we stayed at home that night with the gas fireplace on. When the electricity came back on in the house I grew up in, we headed over there to have heat and warm up! Just about 3 hours later, when we went back home … because the electricity was on … we opened the door and water just poured out from the door. Just about 3 inches deep.

I think that I was convinced that only the floors were damaged, until we found the ceiling area from which the water was pouring. Insurance adjuster walked in three days later and let us know that it was the entire house. Exterior walls would be removed for about 2 feet from the ground. All floors had to be taken out, except the tile (kitchen and bathrooms). Water mitigation would have to be first — drying the space and sanitizing it to protect from mold and mildew – before any restoration could happen.

Here’s the truth – we have had no reason to be distressed, not even for one minute. The Home Owners Insurance that our mortgage company chose for us is awesome and we do have the family home, that I grew up in, to live in while all of the restoration, repairs and replacements are done.

Floors Had to be Taken Out

So … the virus is alive; hate in the USA is alive; division in the Body of Christ is alive … these are true. But more that all of this … The Power of The Lord is Alive! The Faithfulness of The Lord is Alive: The Provision of The Lord is Alive! The Peace of The Lord is Alive! The Joy of the Lord is Alive!! Because of Him …. it all just feels like a small bump in the road.

I was thinking about David … God’s chosen one. He surely did not did not do everything perfectly – but he submitted Himself to God’s call on his life and in the midst of great difficulty – he just kept praising God, knowing that God had his back. And so do I.

All exterior walls and some interior walls will have to be restored
  • The house has flooded and I can’t go home … but He is my God and my life – my time — yes I am in His hands!
  • The insurance company has to ensure we have what is needed, and we’ve gotta wait! … but He is the one I trust — yes, my life is in His hands!
  • I wanted to push all of the people to get this done in a hurry … but He tells me to stop fighting and remember that He is my God!

I trust Him y’all! I really do trust ONLY Him! What I need, He will provide. What I need to do, He will give me the wisdom and strength to do it. What I need to be, He will break me – melt me – mold me – fill me! There’s just no way at all that I cannot step right on over any bump in the road. And, let me just encourage you … for His truth is for all of His children.

Unwavering Faith

Weak and wavering faith is not only found in those who are nominal believers, it is also found among people who walk with The Lord every day. Something in us naturally prevents us from believing miracles and supernatural happenings even when we sincerely believe in God! One of the reasons I have thanked God for His calling to the part of Ghana where we served, is the gift of seeing up close much that only He can do; and seeing this without the distractions that jump in our faces here in the USA; distractions that lead us to believe that miracles are things that a person does. NOT!

Learn to trust that the God we serve is able to do more than we would venture to imagine. Resolve within yourself that what has been revealed to us in the natural is what He knows we can handle; and, if we desire to experience Him fully – – we must open ourselves up to the possibility that all that we know is not all that there is to be known.

Praying that we will let Our Father help Our Unbelief! Asking Him to expand our minds to see beyond what we expect to be true! Begging Him to help us to hold off on our human reasoning when it comes to our view of Him and what He is capable of doing in the world. Teach us, Oh Lord, your ways, so that we remain un-doubtful!