The Devil didn’t make you do it … and neither did God!

I'm a mom.  Not just of my own children, but of their friends; of young people that I meet; of the children of my friends; of believers who are younger in the faith then I.  Being a mom means that I get to see people make lots of mistakes or fall into sin. God has … Continue reading The Devil didn’t make you do it … and neither did God!

Get Somewhere and Sit Down!

Those words ... Get Somewhere and Sit Down!! My mother said this to me quite a bit ... but do you understand why!?!? Today, we feel that we are of more value when people see us doing something that is considered ... valuable. We feel that we are considered to be kinder people when we … Continue reading Get Somewhere and Sit Down!

A Lil’ Bump in the Road

Today, I went over to my house to pick up a few things that I keep forgetting that I need. Isn't that something?!?! On Tuesday, February 16th - my house was one of the houses in Humble, TX that flooded. It didn't flood in just one room, it was our entire house. It was an … Continue reading A Lil’ Bump in the Road

Unwavering Faith

Weak and wavering faith is not only found in those who are nominal believers, it is also found among people who walk with The Lord every day. Something in us naturally prevents us from believing miracles and supernatural happenings even when we sincerely believe in God! One of the reasons I have thanked God for … Continue reading Unwavering Faith