Sometimes – We Miss The Point

When the Lord offers us eternity and more than this – when He offers to make us vessels of eternity that can effect the lives of others — why don’t we grab hold?

We are so focused on the physical, that we cannot see what is in front of us in the spiritual realm. We are worried about the labor involved in taking care of our most basic needs — forgetting that our most basic needs are being met all of the time through no effort on our part.

We lose focus of the spiritual need that we have; His gift of what our strong inner desires and our deepest need should be – deep desire within each of us to be in a relationship with the true and living God.

The Lord offers us satisfaction of the strong inner desires and deepest needs He has put in our heart, and then He says that satisfaction will become a well within us that others can draw from … so that they can receive this same satisfaction. This satisfaction is salvation! Reconciliation to the Father! Satisfaction! We miss the point – and focus on the labor involved in the mundane. We completely miss the point!

I am praying for the Father to help our hearts see when He is offering more than our finite mind can conceive. I am asking that he will never let us choose to grasp the mundane when He has offered the supernatural – the eternal. Praying that He will teach us to hear Him well and not to only listen for what we long to hear! Praying that He will help us to seek for our satisfaction in Him alone.

One thought on “Sometimes – We Miss The Point

  1. This is so right on Jan !! Wow. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and helping me get the right focus again and again. Wanting to catch the wind of the Spirit and go in his grace and speed instead of getting stuck trying to move forward without the wind in our sail … I am reading Francis and Lisa Chans’s book “You and me forever” marriage in light of eternity. Same focus. Lets keep encouraging each other. Blessings, Angelika

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